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Metronome, tuner and sound generator as multifunction device

Some multifunction devices combine not only a metronome and a tuner, but also a sound generator like the INTELLI IMT-301 multifunction device or the Fzone Combi Metro-Tuner.

Digital metronomes

The AROMA metronome MaxTone is a digital metronome with a speed range from 40-208 beats/minute. At the FZONE Intelligent metronome the speed range is between 30 and 260 beats/minute. Both metronomes have earphones and the correspondent connection socket.

Combined devices metronome and tuner

At these devices metronome and tuner are combined in one device. The Pacato Metro-Tuner flowers has a flower look and unites essential characteristics of metronome and tuner. Especially inexpensive is the Fzone Metro-Tuner combi. The Korg TM-50 combined device is also a successful combination of metronome and tuner.

Mechanical metronomes

Mechanical metronomes enjoy great popularity among the violin players. Mechanical metronomes are wound by hand and often have a classical pyramid shape. The PACATO Pyramid has with its black plastic casing a modern and attractive design. The Wittner Piccolo is an especially small mechanical metronome. The Wittner System Mälzel is the classical metronome according to the System Mälzel. It is available in the classy wooden version either in black or mahogany.

Which types of metronomes are there?

When the musician is practicing at home with his violin there is no conductor who sets the pace. A metronome gives a continuous tempo and helps the string instrument player to maintain the time and tempo. There are mechanic metronomes like the Wittner Classic metronome. The Fzone Intelligent metronome is a digital metronome with 30-260 beats/minute. Then there are metronomes and tuners as combined devices like the Pacato Metro-Tuner flowers. Some devices are metronome, tuner and tone generator all in one like the Intelli IMT-30 multifunction device which besides is also a thermo- and hygrometer.

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