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Reliable viola strings

Viola strings often have a long lifespan. Carbon fibre strings (Corelli Alliance) are popular, because when you tune your viola, the tune stability is very good. There are also viola strings made of modern synthetic fibers (Pirastro Evah Pirazzi viola) and PEEK-plastic (Pirastro Obligato viola), as well as the classical gut strings (Pirastro Eudoxa) and steel strings (Larsen viola strings).

Bass strings with tradition

Unlike strings for violin or cello the double bass strings are much thicker and due to the instrument's size also much longer. Especially popular bass strings are Thomastik Spirocore strings with a core made of steel, Pirastro Flexocor bass strings and Pirastro Original Flat-Chrome bass strings. For jazz musicians, especially the bass strings The Jazzer by Pirastro are very suitable.

The 5 most popular cello strings

Much played cello strings are Larsen StringsThomastik Spirocore, Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Cello, Prim cello strings and Jargar cello strings. Predominantly it’s about steel strings creating a warm, modulationable and sonorous sound; just the Evah Pirazzi cello strings have a steel core and stand out with their timbre and diversity.

Which violin strings should I take?

When buying violin strings, you should pay attention to the different materials: gut strings (Pirastro, Eudoxa, Passione) create a warm and modulationable sound, but also modern strings made of PEEK-synthetic (Pirastro Obligato) can sound like gut strings. A violin string made of synthetic fibre (Evah Pirazzi) is insensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations. Very popular are the Thomastik Dominant strings.

Modern strings for string players

There are many different modern strings for string players: e.g. Pirastro Evah Pirazzi, Pirastro Obligato, Pirastro Passione, Thomastik Dominant strings, which are all made of high quality. The right strings are important as their nature and the material have a great influence on the timbre of the stringed instruments.

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