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Metronomes and tuners

The metronome facilitates the rhythmic practice. There are mechanical and electronic metronomes. The Wittner system Mälzel is a mechanical metronome. The Korg TM-50 is a combination of tuner and metronome. There are god tuners by Korg, Fzone and Cherub.

More accessories for cello

In order to avoid undesired background noises on the cello strings a wolf-eliminator is helpful. Paganino offers inexpensive cello mutes and string adjusters. For the maintenance there is e.g. the Pacato cleaning set. A pickup transmits the cello sound to a loudspeaker. At Paganino there are also cello stands, cello music and cello chairs. A stand light can be attached to the music stand and music rest.

Endpins and cello spikes

In order to make the cello stand attached to the floor, you need a cello spike. Paganino offers a great selection of cello spikes. The Pacato cello spike is very inexpensive. The Pacato Carbon cello spike is an ultra-light carbon fiber bar. Endpins avoid the slipping of the cello and the cello spike is detained from destroying the parquet. The Wolf endpin, Black Hole and the Memminger cello pin stop are most highly in demand. The most innovative endpin is the Pacato cellosticker Evolution. The Vivacello endpin is a hard rubber three point rest in black.

Rosin for cello

Good rosin perfects the sound of a stringed instrument. Andrea rosin for violoncello or Bogaro & Clemente rosin are high in demand. There is also excellent rosin by Hill, Kaplan, D’Addario, Bernardel rosin or Larsen. The Amato rosin is rosin of the top class. Everything available at Paganino at inexpensive prices.

Accessories for cello

In order to play the stringed instrument cello, you need cello strings as well as a cello bow and suitable rosin. That the cello isn’t just well fixed in the cello case you need a suitable spike and an endpin. Tailpiece and bridge for cello are essential for a good positioning of the cello strings. The string adjuster facilitates the tuning of the strings and a mute lowers the volume.
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