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What else is there as accessories for the violin?

For suppression of unintentional wolf notes, wolf tone eliminators are very helpful. There are fine tuners, mutes and bridges at reasonable prices. If you want to maintain your own violin, you need the Pacato cleaner set. The humidifiers also maintain your violin. Electronic pickups don’t affect the sound of the instrument. If you want to put your instrument down, there are violin stands.  


The best chinrests, tailpieces and pegs

You can buy chinrests, tailpieces and pegs separately or as a set. The Pacato violin set is very suitable for students. There are chin rests made of ebony, rosewood, boxwood or also of plastics. Highly demanded are Wittner chin rest, Flesch chin rest, Guarneri chin rest. Also very popular is the Strad Pad chin rest pad. An often bought tailpiece for the mounting of the strings is the Paganino Standard tailpiece. Wittner fine-tune pegs are available in single packs or as a set.


Rosin for violin

The rosin allows the violinists to bring the sound of their instrument to perfection. Favored rosin is the Bernardel rosin. But the Kaplan rosin, the Pirastro Obligato rosin or the Thomastik Dominant rosin are also ofthe bought. Rosin of the absolute top class is the Liebenzeller Rosin. There is Liebenzeller rosin as Gold I or Gold II, Liebenzeller rosin as silver I or silver II, Liebenzeller rosin copper I and Liebenzeller rosin meteoric iron I.


Shoulder rests for violins

The shoulder rest should prevent the slipping of the violin from the shoulder. The Kun shoulder rests (Standard, Super, Collapsible and Bravo) are adjustable in height and width, as well as the Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest. The construction of the Bonmusica shoulder rest is flexible and adaptable.

Accessories for violin

In order to be able to play the stringed instrument violin, one doesn't only need violin strings, but also good rosin for the violin bow. In order to hold the violin properly, chin rest and shoulder rest are used. Pegs, chin rest and tailpieces can be bought separately or as set. For the adjustment of the violin string, a string adjuster makes sense.


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