Violin Bow at Paganino

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Straight stroke of the bow

For violins, these days there are countless tutorials on using the violin bow. It is always preached to keep the bow always at a 90 degree angle to the strings. What looks so easy when played by trained violinists, requires a high degree of discipline and exercise for violin students and beginners.

Owed to the human anatomy, the player is more likely to make a circular motion as a straight. Added to that is the fact that the player has no good sight at the bowing from their playing position. You can see very nice if the bow sweeps across the instrument, if you would look from the top of the instrument. But the matter is more difficult from the angle of the player position. Here the violinist has to develop his own sense of movement and combine it with the perspective of the playing position. And this is really one of the biggest challenges when you want to learn the violin, or any other string instrument.
A good indication of straight bowing is when you hold the bow exactly in line with the point of contact. Thus, the point is meant, on which the bow lies on the string, as measured by the distance from the bridge of the instrument.

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