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PACATO Beginner bass bow
Solid Brazilwood bow
69,50 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Pernambuco bass bow
good pernambuco stick, round
199,00 Euro *
in stock
AMATO Carbon bass bow
very good carbon bow, German model
299,00 Euro *
in stock
CodaBow INFINITY bass bow
top model from CodaBow for soloists
1.106,00 Euro 1.069,00 Euro *
in stock
DÖRFLER Brazil Secondo double bass bow
very good Brazilwood stick from the German master bow maker, German version
329,00 Euro *
in stock
CodaBow REVELATION bass bow
Carbon fiber bow for double bass, German model
839,00 Euro 829,00 Euro *
in stock
DÖRFLER Brazil Primo double bass bow
very good round brazilwood stick from German master bow maker, round, German model
279,00 Euro *
in stock
HÖFNER Student double bass bow
Simple brazilwood bow for students, round, German model
199,50 Euro *
in stock
HÖFNER A.S. Carbon bass bow
very good carbon fiber bow crafted by the renowned German violin workshop Karl Höfner, round, German model
369,00 Euro *
in stock

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The right bass bow

The powerful bass bow strokes the double bass strings. The bow is made of Brazil wood (master violin maker Dörfler) and has a frog at the bottom. But there is also the bass bow made of carbon fibre, e.g. by CodaBow, becoming more and more popular