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Not only sheet music have to be placed on a music stand. Paganino offers many ingenious solutions: Pacato penclip is a magnetic pencil holder. The music desk can be clipped on al K&M tripods. For the music stands there are transport bags. The smartphone holder or rather iPad holder by K&M are also especially popular accessory pieces.

Stand lights

In order to be able to read the sheet music well in the dark orchestra pit, of course, very good light is needed. The inexpensive LED stand light is mounted easily with a clip. The K&M Twin head stand light is, with its 8 individual light sources, the new top product among the stand lights. The K&M 85640 stand light has LED technology and is mains-independent.

Table music stand

The Perlman table music stand has a top design, is foldable and made of highest quality. The surface is black anodized. For the sheet music there is are spring clips.

Orchestra music stands

At the orchestra music stands have to be reliable so that only the stringed instrument is of paramount importance. The PACATO blacky orchestra music stand is especially inexpensive. The Pacato orchestra music stand is particularly often purchased. It is delivered with a suitable bag. For anyone who values low weight, needs the PACATO Ultralight music stand. Especially solid is the K&M 118/1 orchestra music stand with nickel-plated tripod pieces.

Folding music stands

As musicians of stringed instruments are often on the way they need a music stand which can be stored and transported easily. There the folding music stands are the ideal solution. The folding music stands by Pacato are available in black (Pacato blacky music stand), colored (Pacato color music stand), in extra-large (Pacato blacky XL music stand) or made of aluminium (Pacato Ultralight music stand). The Perlman classic music stand has a top design. Music stands by K&M are considered to be especially robust (K&M 100/65 music stans), extra-long (K&M 102 XL music stand) or especially light (K&M Ultralight music stand).

Which music stands are there?

Next to the stringed instrument, the bow, the strings, the shoulder rest and the chin rest, also a good music stand belongs to the basic equipment of each musician. Nowadays there are music stands for the most different needs. Folding music stands have the advantage that they are light and can be transported everywhere like the Pacato blacky music stand or the Yamaha music stand ulta light. There are even folding table music stands like the Perlman table stand. The orchestra music stands are solid music stands for the use at the orchestra or for the solo play. The Pacato blacky orchestra music stand or the K&M 118/1 orchestra music stand are especially popular.

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