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Orchestra music stands made of metal

The solid orchestra music stand PACATO Blacky Orchestra has a sheet music desk made of steel. A popular student’s orchestra music stand is the STAGG Orchestra music stand. At the K&M 118/1 orchestra stand the tripod piece is nickel-plated and the sheet music desk is walnut veneered or black.

Orchestra music stand ultralight

When the music stand has to be transported often it lends itself to decide for an especially light one. Next to stringed instrument, bow, strings, shoulder rest, chin rest and sheet music, all the other accessories may fast become a burden. The PACATO Ultralight orchestra is especially light as it is made entirely of aluminium. Although the K&M 11870 orchestra music stand has an outsized music desk, it only weighs 2 kg.

Pencil holder and power magnet

The magnetic pencil holder PACATO Penclip is an ingenious bargain. It simply holds the pencil, doesn’t disturb while writing and can even hold the sheets of music in their place in wind. The K&M power magnet holds, despite its small size, the sheets of music safely at the metal rack of the music stand. The Magic Pen is an especially small but very strong magnet.

Which orchestra music stands are there?

At the orchestra only the musicians with their stringed instruments should be in the foreground. There you need a solid music stand which holds the sheet music without disturbing. The PACATO blacky orchestra music stand is a solid music stand made entirely of metal as well as the PACATO orchestra music stand which is a popular student’s orchestra music stand. Other music stands are made of natural solid wood. Made of aluminium and so especially light is the PACATO Ultralight orchestra music stand.

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