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Viola strings at Paganino

Paganino carries a large selection of viola strings. The most popular Pirastro viola strings are the Evah Pirazzi viola, Obligato viola strings and Pirastro Passione viola strings. Also very popular are Thomastik Dominant viola strings and Thomastik Vision as well as the Larsen viola strings. Other well-known manufacturers of viola strings are D'Addario, Corelli and Jargar.

Classic steel strings for viola

Steel strings have a long tradition in the use with viola. They are highly durable, and keep the tuning very well, the sound is homogeneous and the price is right. Here, especially the Thomastik Spirocore viola strings, but also the Pirastro Piranito viola strings may be mentioned. The Jargar viola strings are very soft sounding steel strings.

Modern viola strings with a synthetic string core

The use of modern synthetic strings is accepted more and more also with the viola. The optimal tuning stability is accompanied by the good tonal quality of the viola strings. By Pirastro, Passione violaObligato viola and Evah Pirazzi viola deserve a special mentioning next to all other brands. But also the Larsen viola strings and by Thomastik the Vision viola and Dominant viola strings highly in demand.

Viola strings for students

D´Addario Prelude viola strings are good and inexpensive student’s strings. Preferred student’s strings for viola are Thomastik Dominant viola strings because of their quick response. But also Thomastik Vision viola strings as well as the Pirastro Tonica viola strings or Corelli Crystal viola strings are popular and inexpensive alternatives, offering a good quality.

The best gut strings for viola

Pirastro is classified as best manufacturer of gut strings for viola. The traditional Pirastro Oliv viola and Pirastro Eudoxa viola strings are made of the highest quality. The Pirastro Passione viola is a newly developed gut string for highest demands. There are pure classical gut strings by Damian Dlugolecki.

Reliable viola strings

Many viola strings are characterized by a long lifespan. Next to the classic gut strings (Pirastro Eudoxa viola) and the classic steel strings (Larsen viola strings) there are many newly developed viola strings nowadays. The modern strings made of synthetic fibers (Pirastro Evah Pirazzi viola) and the PEEK-plastic strings (Pirastro Obligato viola) are very popular. But also the carbon fiber strings (Corelli Alliance viola) are highly in demand.