Double bass at Paganino

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Metronomes and tuners

The mechanical or electronic metronome facilitates the practice. A mechanical metronome is the Wittner System Mälzel. Universal equipment made of metronome and tuner is the Korg TM-50. There are good tuners by Cherub and Fzone.

Other accessories for double bass

The wolf eliminator is helpful, in order to prevent undesired background noises. A humidifier avoids cracking because of too dry air. For maintenance of the double bass the PACATO cleaning set can be used. Pickups are often used at jazz. For safe storage of the bow instrument there is the double bass stand. The music bag serves for transportation of sheet music and while playing the instrument you can attach a stand light to the music stand.

Endpins and spikes for double bass

The spike for double bass is needed so that the double bass stands safely on the floor. The Pacato double bass spike is very inexpensive. The Ulsa AntiVib double bass spike offers great comfort. Endpins for double bass are available as spike anchor, rubber disc or WOLF spike buffer.

Rosin for double bass

Also at the double bass, rosin perfects the sound of the bowed instrument. Popular rosin for double bass is the Andrea rosin as well as the Pirastro Eudoxa rosin. An inexpensive but yet qualitative option would be the Carlsson rosin.

Accessories for double bass

In order to play the instrument double bass you need double bass strings as well as suitable rosin for the double bass bow. Endpin and spike are important for the strong anchoring of the double bass. The tuning of the strings is facilitated with a tuner and the volume is dimmed with a mute. With metronome and string adjuster the right note can be found easily. For the music stand there is also a stand light.
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