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PACATO Notes cleaning cloth
»Musik ist Dein Leben«, made of microfibre, 27 x 27 cm
3,95 Euro *
PACATO Polishing cloth
for cleaning and polishing, 100% cotton
2,95 Euro *
GON POPS rosin
for double bass
16,50 Euro 13,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning set
PACATO clean + polish, stringcleaner and microfiber cloth
15,95 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipe
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
1,75 Euro *
PIRASTRO Oliv/Evah Pirazzi rosin
for violin, viola, cello, bass, optimized for Pirastro Oliv and Evah Pirazzi strings
13,95 Euro *
LUTHIER PROFI Cleaner and Polisher
16,50 Euro 11,95 Euro *
PAGANINO cleaner set
Viol polisher, Bellacura cloth, Royal Oak string cleaner
26,85 Euro 21,95 Euro *
AROMA finger trainer
precisely trains strength and dexterity of the individual fingers and the hands
9,95 Euro *
PETZ Cleaning Cloth
Made of microfibre, especially suitable for string instruments
3,95 Euro *
Notes – The Musician's Choice
Bärenreiter-Notizbuch, 32 Seiten, 14,8 x 10,5 cm / Bärenreiter Musikverlag BA08100
0,75 Euro *
PACATO string cleaner
for steel and synthetic strings, 20 ml
6,95 Euro *
HANDMASTER Plus hand trainer
Your all-in-one hand excecise solution
21,95 Euro *
BAM Original Cleaning Cloth
high quality microfibers enhanced with Silver Nano technology
14,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning cloth Deluxe
microfiber, suitable for stringed instruments and piano
5,95 Euro *
PACATO clean + polish
cleaner and polisher, 20 ml
6,95 Euro *
BELLACURA polishing cloth
35cm X 35cm, high quality cotton
4,95 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipes
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
13,90 Euro 9,75 Euro *
Original HILL peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
12,40 Euro 9,95 Euro *
DAMPIT humidifier
for double bass
21,95 Euro *
LAPELLA Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil
15 ml + 2 LAPELLA hightech microfibre-cloths
18,60 Euro 14,95 Euro *
Planet Waves microfiber cloth
for the removal of water-soluble and greasy dirt without cleaning agents
14,50 Euro 9,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO Protect finger protection
calms and nourishes stressed skin, 18 g
11,95 Euro *
Spike anchor
Floor protector for cello and double bass, leather band with loops
19,95 Euro *
PACATO microfiber cloth
made of microfiber
5,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
11,95 Euro *
PACATO Music Board
Sheet music support for all music stands
7,95 Euro *
VARIGRIP finger trainer
specifically trains strength and dexterity of fingers and hands
19,95 Euro *
KOLSTEIN SET Cleaner and Polisher
120 ml, 1 bottle Cleaner and Polisher each, including 2 cleaning and polishing cloths
42,95 Euro *
Planet Waves polishing cloth
untreated, double brushed cotton flannel, washable
7,95 Euro *
GÖTZ Original peg soap
with graphite, proven remedy for more than 100 years
8,95 Euro *
... no longer cold hands, 1 pair
19,95 Euro *
Magic Music Board XL
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 6 x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 35 x 100 cm
19,95 Euro *
FAST FRET string cleaner and lubricant
Silicone-free special polish for smooth playable necks, fingerboards and strings with optimal protection
12,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO Obligato/Violino rosin
for violin, viola, cello, bass, optimized for Pirastro Obligato and Violino Strings
11,95 Euro *
PACATO Hot Hands heat pad
package of 2, warms very well up to 10 hours
3,95 Euro *
NYMAN rosin
for double bass
11,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning cloth
3,95 Euro *
PACATO music bag
2 outside pockets, front pocket and 3 interior compartments
31,50 Euro 14,95 Euro *
for double bass
14,40 Euro 10,95 Euro *
PACATO Bow hair cleaning kit
Cleaner, regenerating liquid, comb and towel
24,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO string oil
50 ml, for gut strings
13,95 Euro *
WOLF endpin
floor protector for cello and double bass
17,95 Euro *
BELLACURA Cleaner and Polisher
12,30 Euro 9,95 Euro *
HIDERSOL varnish care
for cleaning and reviving the varnish of stringed instruments, 50 ml
6,95 Euro *
Magic Music Board M
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 4 x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 35 x 84 cm
17,95 Euro *
UVEX hearing protection
1 pair, reduces volume by 37 decibel
0,95 Euro *
Mute Tourte-Form round
for Double bass, rubber
7,95 Euro *
SOS Hand heat pad
Heating pads for single use for up to 10 hours, 1 pair
1,99 Euro *
PACATO Cello accessory pocket
for mounting on the instrument, made of black flannel
14,95 Euro *
John Pearse string swipes
cleaning cloth for steel strings
0,95 Euro *
GEWA Bow hair cleaner
Cleans and nourishes the bow hair, 90 ml bottle
12,95 Euro *
GEWA peg soap
Peg soap (peg chalk) to make the pegs smoother
5,95 Euro *
EARPROTEX Ice protection
1 pair, sound optimizing hearing protection with filter, made of hypoallergenic polymer
15,95 Euro *
String Winder
for double bass, plastic
8,95 Euro *
PACATO hand warmer SHORT
... no longer cold hands, 1 pair
18,95 Euro *
BELLACURA Spray bottle
for cleaning and polishing, 50 ml
15,95 Euro *
PACATO Portable Thermo-hygrometer
can be opened/closed, only 29 g
14,95 Euro *
Music Paper Pad DIN A4
200 pages, 100 sheets (individually removable), 12 systems
6,50 Euro *
WITTNER tailpiece hanger stainless steel
for double bass, 3/4 - 1/4 size
19,95 Euro *
STAR music paper loose leaf DIN A4 upright format
3,95 Euro *
ULTRA mute
for Double bass, rubber, for 4-string instruments
12,95 Euro *
for double bass
24,95 Euro *
PETZ Cleaner and Polisher
11,20 Euro 8,95 Euro *
BELLACURA microfiber cloth
7,50 Euro 5,95 Euro *
Note Dice with treble clef
playful learning of notes in treble clef, different variants
15,00 Euro *
ALPINE MusicSafe Classic hearing protection
2 pairs of filters (high and medium protection) & Keyring-Travelbox, reduces volume by 17 or 19 dB
34,50 Euro 26,95 Euro *
PACATO Klimatherm Thermo-hygrometer
diameter 7 cm, decorative golden ring
17,95 Euro *
Musicians seat cushion
Promotes upright sitting and prevents back pain
139,00 Euro *
SALVIOLINA «Violinists' neck mark» ointment
For the care and prevention of pressure sores on the neck of violinists and violists, 50ml
29,95 Euro *
Rubber disc
Floor protector for cello and double bass, hard rubber
9,95 Euro *
XEROS strap
Floor protector for double bass
27,50 Euro 21,95 Euro *
SALZMAN Symphony rosin
for double bass, medium, particularly suitable for professional players
23,95 Euro *
GEWA Old Master string cleaner
For occasional cleaning of the strings, 30 ml bottle
12,95 Euro *
The Nomad Tool Cleaning tool
microfiber pad and natural bristle brush for cleaning of strings, surface, and hardware
19,95 Euro *
CREMONESE microfibre cloth
Two-fiber microtechnology
13,95 Euro *
Magic Music Board L
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 4x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 42 x 84 cm
18,95 Euro *
HUMITRON humidifier
for double bass
14,95 Euro *
PACATO hand warmer KIDS
... no longer cold hands, childrens size, 1 pair
16,95 Euro *
Original TOURTE round mute
for double bass, rubber
9,95 Euro *
Wolf tone suppressor
brass, for double bass
12,95 Euro *
NEEM finger massager
Finger massager made of neemwood (hand-carved)
19,95 Euro *
Tea strainer note
theme: eighth note
3,95 Euro *
PACATO LIGHT hand warmer
leichter und dünner als BASIC, für Frühjahr und Herbst, 2 Größen, 1 pair
18,95 Euro *
PACATO Classic floor protector endpin
conically shaped for double bass
6,95 Euro *

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Metronomes and tuners

The mechanical or electronic metronome facilitates the practice. A mechanical metronome is the Wittner System Mälzel. Universal equipment made of metronome and tuner is the Korg TM-50. There are good tuners by Cherub and Fzone.

Other accessories for double bass

The wolf eliminator is helpful, in order to prevent undesired background noises. A humidifier avoids cracking because of too dry air. For maintenance of the double bass the PACATO cleaning set can be used. Pickups are often used at jazz. For safe storage of the bow instrument there is the double bass stand. The music bag serves for transportation of sheet music and while playing the instrument you can attach a stand light to the music stand.

Endpins and spikes for double bass

The spike for double bass is needed so that the double bass stands safely on the floor. The Pacato double bass spike is very inexpensive. The Ulsa AntiVib double bass spike offers great comfort. Endpins for double bass are available as spike anchor, rubber disc or WOLF spike buffer.

Rosin for double bass

Also at the double bass, rosin perfects the sound of the bowed instrument. Popular rosin for double bass is the Andrea rosin as well as the Pirastro Eudoxa rosin. An inexpensive but yet qualitative option would be the Carlsson rosin.

Accessories for double bass

In order to play the instrument double bass you need double bass strings as well as suitable rosin for the double bass bow. Endpin and spike are important for the strong anchoring of the double bass. The tuning of the strings is facilitated with a tuner and the volume is dimmed with a mute. With metronome and string adjuster the right note can be found easily. For the music stand there is also a stand light.

Accessories for double bass at Paganino

At Paganino you will find a large selection of accessories for double bass like bass-rosin, mutes, humidifiers, floor protectors, bass-spikes, mechanic tuners, bass stands or sheet music bags. Metronomes, tuners, music stands or stand lights also come in a rich assortment.