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Conrad GÖTZ wolf tone suppressor
holds on string without screw, for cello
21,90 Euro 18,95 Euro *
in stock
Wolf tone suppressor
chrome-plated, for cello
7,95 Euro *
in stock
Wolf tone suppressor
brass, for cello
12,95 Euro *
in stock
in stock
Wolf Tone Eliminator
For cello, available for different sound ranges, works according to the resonator principle
69,50 Euro *
available shortly

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Wolf eliminator for cello

The wolf eliminator for the cello is available either nickel-plated or as wolf eliminator brass.

How to apply wolf eliminators?

The wolf eliminator at the cello is used to suppress unwanted overtones. It is also known under wolf tone eliminator tubes. The wolf eliminator is mounted best at the string, at which the wolf tone is the most pronounced. Usually it is mounted between tailpiece and bridge. The effect of the Wolf Eliminator is usually best if you mount it in the upper third of this string section. The exact position on the cello string can be found by moving the wolf eliminator in small steps in the direction away from the bridge or in the opposite direction.