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PACATO Trekking Junior violin case
excellent violin case for children, adjustable from 1/2 - 4/4 size
219,00 Euro 149,00 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Mezza Luna violin case
sporty design in 2 different variations, only ca. 1,9 kg
192,50 Euro 129,50 Euro *
in stock
GEWA Air 1.7 violin case
a safe lightweight, 1,7 kg
369,00 Euro *
in stock
ARTINO Rain Cover Violin case protection
available in 3 colours, for shaped violin case
24,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Shape violin case
Shaped case with storage space for accessories and bow, only 1.8 kg
159,50 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Vinci violin case
inexpensive student case in various designs
54,00 Euro 37,50 Euro *
in stock
AMATO cover backpack
for shaped cases violin, different sizes
72,60 Euro 49,50 Euro *
in stock
AMATO light violin shaped case
Elegant shaped case featuring a stable wood core
97,50 Euro 69,50 Euro *
in stock
PACATO ShortCut violin case
Extra short case, ideal as a travel case, only 1.5 kg
169,00 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Pupil violin case
light and inexpensive shaped case
49,95 Euro 29,50 Euro *
in stock
BAM Hightech Contoured violin case
The Hightech expertise made in France, only 1,6 kg
429,00 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Amalfi violin case
Made of high-gloss composite fiberglass, only 1.9 kg
149,50 Euro *
in stock
BAM Hoodies case protection
Cover for BAM Hightech shaped cases, water resistant
117,50 Euro 89,95 Euro *
in stock
BAM L'Etoile Hightech violin case
Fashion meets Hightech, real leather cover on top, only 1,7 kg
649,00 Euro *
in stock
Jakob WINTER Greenline violin case
Slim shaped case from natural fibers
119,00 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Girly violin case
High gloss composite fiberglass with a floral pattern, only 1.7 kg
149,50 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Halfmoon violin case
Elegantly rounded case, made of composite fiberglass with shimmering surface
169,00 Euro 149,50 Euro *
in stock
BAM Hightech Slim violin case
Sleek and slim looking - Excellent protection, only 1,9 kg
379,00 Euro *
available shortly
GEWA Bio I S violin case
shaped case with bio-flax-shell, only ca. 1,6 kg
99,50 Euro *
in stock
AMATO Deluxe violin case
Elegant shaped case with solid wood core and silk interior
169,50 Euro *
in stock
Jakob WINTER Classic violin case
shaped, made of ABS, very solid
142,00 Euro 109,50 Euro *
in stock
BAM Hightech Overhead Cabine violin case
sleek shaped case in futuristic design, only 1,5 kg
419,00 Euro *
in stock
Jakob WINTER Lightcase violin case
58,50 Euro *
in stock
GEWA Concerto violin case
shaped case, water resistant, 4/4 - size
139,50 Euro *
in stock
BAM Classic III violin case
Compact and slim looking
249,00 Euro 229,00 Euro *
in stock
BAM Hightech Slim Connection violin case
449,00 Euro *
in stock
WUNDERKIND shape violin case 1.8
made of 100% high-quality carbon, shaped case with separate bow case, only 1.8 kg
790,00 Euro *
available shortly
PACATO Paisley Deluxe violin case
classy shaped case with details in paisley pattern
149,50 Euro *
in stock
BAM Katyushka Classic violin case
traditional ornamental Russian design with real leather applications and embroidery
299,00 Euro *
in stock
BAM Panther Contoured violin case
special nano coating of the case, only 1.75 kg
479,00 Euro *
in stock
BAM Supreme Ice Contoured Violin Case
Polycarbonate case, only 1.9 kg
599,00 Euro *
in stock
GEWA Pure 1.8 violin case
shaped case made of polycarbonate, 1.8 kg
198,00 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Lotus violin case
Shaped case, water repellent, 2.0 kg
99,50 Euro *
in stock
Jakob WINTER Greenline Wood violin case
molded case made of renewable natural fibers, wood design, Made in Germany
169,00 Euro *
in stock
Jakob WINTER Thermoshock violin case
Extreme resistance with shock absorbing hard cover, 1.35 kg
159,00 Euro *
in stock
ROKKOMANN Carry-On Flight Case
extra short case, ideal as a travel case, only 1.1 kg
189,00 Euro *
in stock
GEWA Air Prestige violin case
Shaped Case, top and handle covered with imitation-leather, only approx. 1,9 kg
522,00 Euro 447,50 Euro *
in stock
BAM Signature Classic violin case
Compact and slim looking, 2,4 kg
239,00 Euro *
in stock

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