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PAGANINO Classic violin set
very good student's set, shoulder rest included
489,00 Euro 329,00 Euro *
PACATO Concerto violin set
Best student's set
842,00 Euro 649,00 Euro *
PAGANINO Allegro violin set
solid student's set, shoulder rest included, 4/4 - 1/16 size
419,00 Euro 279,00 Euro *
PAGANINO Allegro violin
Beautiful student's violin, 4/4 - 1/16 size
389,00 Euro 249,00 Euro *
PACATO Capriccio violin set
High quality student's set, shoulder rest included
699,00 Euro from 449,00 Euro *
David LIEN Concertino violin
Very good student model from the Taiwanese violin workshop David Lien
725,00 Euro 449,00 Euro *
PAGANINO Classic violin
Very good student's violin, 4/4 - 1/16 size
329,00 Euro 269,00 Euro *
PACATO Capriccio violin
High-quality student's violin
569,00 Euro from 349,00 Euro *
Conrad GÖTZ Menuett violin
High-quality basic violin for students, from the German violin making workshop Conrad Götz, varnish manually applied
598,00 Euro *
GEWA Aspirante Marseille violin set
Student set from Mittenwald, with shaped violin case
314,00 Euro 297,50 Euro *
STAGG Progressive E-violin set
Electric violin with amplifier, bow, case
399,00 Euro *
Conrad GÖTZ Metropol violin
Violin for the highest demands crafted in the German violin maker's workshop Conrad Götz
998,00 Euro *
HÖFNER Student violin
Excellent student violin from the German violin workshop Höfner, 4/4 - 1/4
579,00 Euro *
HÖFNER Concert violin
Student violin of superior quality from the German violin workshop Höfner, 4/4 - 3/4
799,00 Euro *
HÖFNER Concert Antique violin
Exquisite student violin of superior quality from the German violin workshop Höfner, antique handvarnish, 4/4 - 3/4
995,00 Euro *
PACATO E-violin
Electric violin with case and bow
279,00 Euro *
STAGG Progressive E-violin
Electric violin with bow, case
299,00 Euro *
GEWA Future E-violin
Electric violin with active pickup system, carbon bow, GEWA case
699,00 Euro *

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Violins at Paganino

Paganino offers a wide range of inexpensive violins. A particularly attractive offer is the PAGANINO Allegro violin, which is equipped with Pirastro Piranito strings. From the German violin manufacturer WILFER, Paganino offers various high quality violins, as the WILFER Concerto violinwith Evah Pirazzi strings, the WILFER Maestro violin with Thomastik Peter Infeld strings and the WILFER Solist violin with PIRASTRO Passione strings. The PACATO E violin completes the selection. This electric violin comes with amp, case and bow. There are also some attractive violin sets.