Mutes at Paganino

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Popular mutes for viola

The inexpensive Tourte round mute for viola or the Tourte Glaesel mute is, like the practical Bech Magnetic mute as well, just hanged in between the middle strings behind the bridge and slid up over it if required. The ebony mute is stuck on the bridge as well as the Tonwolf Deluxe mute. It has a strong deadening effect so it is well suitable for the play at the hotel.

Mutes for viola

The volume of the viola is reduced through a mute. Besides, it causes a nasal sound. Mutes are offered in different materials. Many mutes are made of rubber, like the mute by Tourte. The mute made of ebony for viola is just stuck on the bridge. The Tonwolf Deluxe mute for viola is made of chrome-plated metal.

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