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KORG TM-70 combo tuner metronome
Tuning and metronome function can be used simultaneously, with large display and long battery life, improved visibility and transpose function
53,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Violin Metro-Tuner
combined device specifically for violin, digital metronome and tuner
23,90 Euro 14,95 Euro *
in stock
AROMA X-TRA multi-function device 3 in 1
Metronome, tuner and tone generator, extra large screen and loud sound
34,50 Euro 19,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Clip-on 3 in 1 Metro-Tuner
clips on the instrument
16,95 Euro *
in stock
Digital Metro Tuner and Thermo Hygrometer all in one
72,60 Euro 59,95 Euro *
in stock
AROMA 4 in 1 multifunction device
Metronome, tuner and thermo-/hygrometer, can be set up with metal stand
41,20 Euro 19,95 Euro *
in stock
KORG TM-60C Combo Tuner/Metronome + Contact Microphone
Combination package of TM60 tuner with metronome function and CM-300 contact microphone
59,45 Euro 54,50 Euro *
in stock
AROMA Metro-Tuner
Rechargeable colourful screen tuner, metronome & tone generator
24,95 Euro *
in stock

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