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Double cases for 2 violins

The double case provides place for two violins. The double cases for violin have two accessory compartments for strings, the shoulder rest and the rosin. There is a very inexpensive violin case for two violins by PACATO. The violin cases by Gewa, Amato and Jakob Winter are very sensitive and designed in an appealing way.


The violin case as oblong case

The violin case with oblong case shape has a suspension system and up to two accessory compartments for the violin strings, the rosin and the shoulder rest. Mostly, a backpack system is included. The top seller is the PACATO Livorno violin case. Elegant violin cases by Jakob Winter offer a high standard. But very modern violin cases by GEWA or Riboni are also highly recommendable.

The violin case as shaped case

The super light shaped violin case has a solid thermo core. Mostly, there is a large accessory compartment for the shoulder rest, the violin strings and the rosin (e.g. Liebenzeller rosin). As inexpensive violin case there is the PACATO Vinci shaped case or the AMATO Light violin case. By Jakob Winter there are light ABS hard-cover shaped cases at inexpensive prices. The BAM Hightech violin case has a core made of Airex and meets highest requirements.


Different types of the violin case

The violin case is available as shaped case and as oblong case. The PACATO violin cases are especially inexpensive. The violin oblong cases by Jakob Winter, the Gewa violin cases or the Bam violin oblong case range from standard- to premium models. For the professional musician who wants to enjoy a certain level of luxury, there are the Riboni violin case and the GL violin cases made of polycarbonate or Italian leather.

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