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PACATO Hot Hands heat pad
package of 2, warms very well up to 10 hours
3,95 Euro *
in stock
SOS Hand heat pad
Heating pads for single use for up to 10 hours, 1 pair
1,99 Euro *
in stock
... no longer cold hands, 1 pair
19,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO hand warmer SHORT
... no longer cold hands, 1 pair
18,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO HEAT hand warmer
with integrated Hot Hands heat pad, 2 sizes available, 1 pair
27,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO hand warmer KIDS
... no longer cold hands, childrens size, 1 pair
17,95 Euro *
in stock

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Hand warmer for kids

Hand warmers are also available for children, of course in the right size: 21 cm long. Available in colors camel, red or black.

The hand warmers by Pacato

Cold hands while playing double bass? People suffering from cold hands and no longer want to feel cold, need the Pacato hand warmer. They are put on like gloves and the fingers are free for playing. Wrists and forearms (at the longer version) are kept warm. The Pacato hand warmers are offered in different colors: black, grey and camel. The length of the female version is 25 cm, the male version 27,5 cm.