Large selection of classic cases for stringed instruments as well as modern, lightweight models for violins, violas, cellos, and double bass.

Flexible viola cases

Viola cases are mostly arranged in a way, making them suitable for different viola sizes because of the flexible readjusting of the interior. The Jakob Winter Professional viola case has an interior carriage, and at the AMATO coffee viola case the interior is adjustable from 36,0 cm to 43,0 cm. very inexpensive but still solid is the PACATO Livorno flex viola case.

Cello cases with minimum weight

Der Pacato Cello Case (Ultralight) is very stable in spite of its weight of only 3,2 kg. The GEWA Ultralight Cello case (Gewa Cello Case) is very light with only 3,2 kg but also pleasant for carrying. Especially beautiful and light cello cases at unbeatable prices are the Pacato Comodo cello case and the Pacato Classic cello case.



Inexpensive violin cases

It isn’t necessary for violin cases to be expensive in order to have a good quality. Our inexpensive violin cases are qualitative and long-lasting. The most popular one is the PACATO Livorno violin case with back pack cover. The Gewa violin case (Gewa Strato de Luxe) is a light violin case with very good equipment components. The AMATO coffee violin case is also beautiful.

Cello case or cello cover?

A cello case is very stable and protects the cello when it’s carried around a lot. Popular cello cases are Accord CelloCases, the Gewa cello cases and the Pacato Ultralight cello case. Inexpensive cello cases like the Pacato Challenge cello-case also have a good quality. The cello cover – soft cello case is an inexpensive alternative, offers quite good protection for your instrument with minimal weight.

The violin case – different types

The violin case is available in different versions: as shaped case and as oblong case.Very inexpensive are the Pacato violin cases, of high quality there are the Gewa violin cases, the violin case by Jakob Winter and the Bam violin cases (Bam Hightech). Absolute luxury violin cases are the Riboni violin-case and the new GL violin-cases made of Italian leather.

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