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Shoulder rests by other brands for viola

The Wittner Hightech shoulder rest holds the viola freely and offers ideal freedom of sound. The velvet covered shoulder rest Resonans is often used by students. It has a padded bridge, the feet are foldable. The Mach One shoulder rest, made of classy maple wood, is extremely light. The Bonmusica shoulder rest catches with its flexible construction and the ergonomic design. It adapts to every shoulder.

The shoulder rests by Wolf for viola

The Wolf shoulder rests are available in different shapes. The Wolf Forte Primo shoulder rest has a straight shape while the Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest is elegantly curved. At the Wolf Super Flexible shoulder rest the feet can be fold if required, so that they can be stored in the accessory compartment as well as the rosin.

The Kun shoulder rest for viola

The Kun Standard shoulder rest is delivered in all sizes. The KUN Super shoulder rest viola is extremely light and has comfortably detachable feet. At the Kun Collapsible shoulder rest the feet can be fold, so that they can be stored in the accessory compartment of the viola case, like the rosin. The Kun Bravo shoulder rest of precious wood has golden metal pieces. The master – shoulder rests Kun Artist Provence shoulder rest and KUN Artist Salzburg shoulder rest are very attractive to professional musicians because of their special design.

The shoulder rest – different types for viola

The shoulder support connects viola and shoulder and serves as safe hold for the instrument. The shoulder rest is mostly stuck onto the viola with two feet and it is adjustable in height and width like e.g. the KUN Standard shoulder rest viola or the Wolf Super Flexible shoulder rest. There are also shoulder rests in the form of a cushion like the Playonair Standard shoulder cushion or the Playonair Deluxe shoulder cushion.
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