TONICA »NEW FORMULA« violin string SET by Pirastro

item number: 152081
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The PIRASTRO Tonica »New Formula« violin strings have a core made of nylon and are distinguished by their lively and round tone. The strings are resistant to moisture and allow smooth sound connections and a concise start of the tone.

  • E-string silvery steel with ball end 25.5
  • excellent synthetic string
  • A aluminum wound
  • D and G silver wound
  • brilliant sound, rich in overtones
  • powerful, ability of modulation
  • big tonal volume
  • quick response
  • insensitive to humidity
  • New Formula: conclusive set harmony
  • easier responsiveness, bigger dynamic area
  • immediately tuned
  • also in 3/4 - 1/32 size
Pirastro item number 412021

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