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Synthetic violin strings

Synthetic violin strings stand out amongst others due to their long lifespan and sound stability. The Corelli Crystal has a highly qualified artificial silk core. There are excellent carbon fibre strings by Corelli Alliance VivaceLarsen violin strings are quality strings from Denmark, getting close to the sound ideal of a gut string. The D´Addario Zyex Composite is the new generation in the region of synthetic strings.

Steel strings for violin

Long lifespan and sound stability make steel strings attractive to violin students. The D´Addario Prelude strings are carbon fibre strings and very popular with music students. There is a violin E-string by Hill. The violin E string by Jargar is a very soft sounding steel string. The Lenzner Goldbrokat strings are often demanded and inexpensive bare steel strings. The Westminster violin E string is a traditional steel string.

Gut strings for violin

As inventor and manufacturer of gut strings with highest quality for violins, Damian Dlugolecki enjoys an international good reputation. Those strings are often used for instruments of the renaissance, the baroque and the classical age. The production methods resume ancient traditions and historical practice.

Violin strings by Corelli, D’Addario and Larsen

Other manufacturers apart from Pirastro and Thomastik also offer a diversity of high quality violin strings like D’Addario, Hill, Jargar, Lenzner, and Westminster with steel strings and Corelli, Larsen and D’Addario with synthetic strings. Dlugolecki offers gut strings.

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