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Synthetic viola strings by Pirastro

The development of the synthetic strings for viola has been pushed decisively by Pirastro. The Pirastro Tonica viola strings are very well suitable for students. The new generation power-string with a synthetic core is the Evah Pirazzi viola string. The Pirastro Obligato viola are synthetic strings made of PEEK-plastic and, like all strings made of synthetic fibers, very stable at tuning.

Pirastro steel strings for viola

Especially the students appreciate the long lifespan and sound stability of steel strings. So the Pirastro Piranito viola strings are inexpensive steel strings, being used frequently by students.

Pirastro gut strings for viola

Gut strings for viola are produced traditionally by Pirastro with a complex method. Pirastro Chorda viola strings are classic gut strings for stringing a baroque instrument authentically. Pirastro Gold is also a classic gut string for viola. To the wonderful gut strings Pirastro Eudoxa viola and Pirastro Oliv viola, joined the newly developed Pirastro Passione viola with its inspiring tonal diversity.

Viola strings by Pirastro

Pirastro strings are appreciated worldwide because of their high quality. The Pirastro viola strings are very popular with professional string players as well as with music students. There are suitable viola strings for every price class. From the inexpensive Pirastro Piranito viola or Pirastro Tonica viola strings, the top sellers like Evah Pirazzi viola or Pirastro Obligato viola to the soloist strings like Pirastro Passione viola.

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