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Original AUBERT bridge
for violin; ready to play, adjustable feet
19,95 Euro *
in stock
Vellum reed Set with 2 pcs
2,95 Euro *
in stock
DESPIAU Superior bridge
21,95 Euro *
in stock

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Which bridge matches my violin?

The Original Aubert bridge violin is already playable, because it was cut to sizes. As the feet can be opened by hinges, the bridge adjusts to the arching of the violin top. The Original Aubert de Luxe bridge and the Despiau Superior bridge are hardened in a special process. It causes more stability and improves the sound.

Bridges for violin

Generally, the bridge at the violin and other stringed instruments is manufactured of Maplewood. It is applied between the strings and the top. The bridge transfers the vibration of the violin string, which was created by the bow, onto the body of the violin. A small mute can be placed on the bridge, dampening the vibration of the strings and with that the volume.