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Bass strings for jazz musicians

The bass strings Pirastro The Jazzer are excellent pizzicato strings for jazz musicians. The powerful and clear sound has a large volume and is extremely modulationable.

Synthetic strings for double bass

Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Bass are modern double bass strings with a core made of modern synthetic fibre. The powerful sound is warm and round with an extraordinary resonance. The Pirastro Obligato bass strings  are also synthetic strings of the new generation. They are excellent for orchestra musicians and solo plays.

Steel strings for double bass

The tuning stability and long lifespan of steel strings is highly appreciated. Popular steel strings are Jargar bass strings, Pirastro Original Flat-Chrome, Pirastro Flat-Chromesteel, Pirastro Flexocor Bass, Thomastik Spirocore and Thomastik Belcanto. Pirastro Passione Bass strings are the new top steel strings by Pirastro.

Gut strings for double bass

The silver wounded Pirastro Eudoxa bass strings are excellent bass strings for orchestra musicians and jazz-bassists. The brilliant sound is excellent. The strings are very modulationable and have a long sustain. Pirastro Oliv bass are gut strings for double bass, wounded with chrome steel.

Popular double bass strings

Double bass strings are thicker and longer than violin strings or cello strings. Especially popular double bass strings are the modern strings Evah Pirazzi bass with a high-quality core made of synthetic fibre, wounded with chrome steel. Much bought bass strings are Pirastro Flexocor bass strings and Pirastro Original Flat-Chrome as steel strings or Thomastik Spirocore bass strings. The bass strings by Pirastro The Jazzer are very suitable for jazz musicians.

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