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Double case for violin/viola

An attractive wood-shell case for violin/viola is the AMATO couple double case. It is featured with two accessory compartments and an extra large sheet music bag for viola music. The accessory compartment offers space for strings, shoulder rest, mute and rosin.

The viola case as oblong case

The AMATO concert viola case an excellently processed oblong case with a spacious accessory compartment for viola strings, shoulder rest and rosin. The Jakob Winter classic viola case has a particularly solid glass fiber shell. The self-closing accessory compartment offers space for rosin, shoulder rest and viola strings.

The viola case as shaped case

The PACATO Vinci shaped viola case is a light and inexpensive shaped case with two bow holders for the viola bow and accessory compartments for the shoulder rest, strings and rosin. An elegant shaped case is the AMATO light viola case. Viola strings and rosin can be stored safely in there. 

Different types of the viola case

The viola case is offered in different designs: viola case as shaped case, as viola oblong case or as double case. Inexpensive shaped cases for viola are available by PACATO and AMATO. Jakob Winter offers appealing viola oblong cases. There are very solid viola cases by Gewa. There is a beautiful double case for violin and viola by AMATO.


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