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The maximum range of sheet music for your stringed instrument including: classical sheet music, modern literature, ensemble sheet music as well as the latest novelties.

Pop music for string players

Modern pop music may not be missing in the sheet music for stringed instruments. There are film scores (Schindler's List, Pirates of the Caribbean and other movie themes) and gipsy music (Klezmer). The Tango melodies by Piazolla are also very nice. An important area, mainly for double-bass players, is the jazz sheet music.

Violin educational: a huge selection

In order to learn how to play a bowed stringed instrument there is special educational literature: violin educational (violin school), cello educational or viola educational. At the violin educational you can choose between many offerors: the violin school by Saßmannshaus, Bruce-Weber or Doflein; Everything for string players, Holzer-Rhomberg or Sevcik violin educational, as well as the Suzuki-method. You’ll find the right thing for any starting string player.

Chamber music for bowed stringed instruments

The most known form of chamber music is the string quartet and therefore there is also a multitude of string quartet sheet music to be found. Very popular are also string quintets and the string trio. But chamber music mustn’t be exclusively with the instrumentation of bowed stringed instruments. A combination of piano and stringed instrument, in constellation of piano trio, piano quartet and piano quintet is also possible.

Cello sheet music from beginner to soloist

While the committed cello teacher always searches suitable cello music for his students, like e.g. pieces by Terzibaschitsch or the cello school by the Cello-Bear,but also standard cello music by Dotzauer, Klengel and Hirzel, the cello music student or professional cellist looks for sheet music for the acquiring cello concert or for the cello-sonatas by Brahms, Beethoven and other important composers, but also sheet music for chamber music instrumentation with the piano trio or the string quartet.


Violin sheet music for all levels of artistic activity

As soloist (violin concert), as interpreter (violin sonatas for violin and piano by Mozart, Beethoven or Brahms), for chamber music (string quartet, piano trio or piano quartet), as violin teacher, who is searching interesting studies for violin or a new violin educational, till light music like film scores (Pirates Of The Caribbean, Twilight), violin-sheet music for gipsy sounds or klezmer: sheet music for violin; there is innumerable sheet music for violin.

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