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PACATO Music Board
Sheet music support for all music stands
7,95 Euro *
PACATO Music Board XL
Oversize sheet music support for all music stands
9,95 Euro *
PACATO Stand & Light Set
Set of PACATO blacky music stand and LED 2x2 music stand light
31,90 Euro 21,95 Euro *
PACATO blacky music stand
black, 1,2 kg, with transport bag
12,95 Euro *
PACATO blacky XL sheet music stand
extra high, with transport bag
15,95 Euro *
PACATO blacky deluxe music stand
only 1.0 kg, with carrying bag
14,95 Euro *
PACATO color sheet music stand
red or blue, with transport bag
14,95 Euro *
PERLMAN classic music stand
Excellent design and quality
24,50 Euro 16,95 Euro *
KÜHNL Classic music stand
Best quality made in Germany
28,20 Euro 21,95 Euro *
KÜHNL Classic gold music stand
Best quality made in Germany
24,95 Euro *
KÜHNL Professional music stand
Best quality made in Germany, reinforced telescope
34,50 Euro 27,95 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight sheet music stand
39,50 Euro *
PACATO Superlight music stand
54,30 Euro 39,95 Euro *
RUKA Ultralight sheet music stand
34,95 Euro *
RATstands Scherzo music stand
super-lightweight folding music stand made from aluminium, only 0,7 kg
49,50 Euro *
K&M 101 Music stand
Ideal music stand for beginners, only approx. 1.0 kg, with comfort screws
22,95 Euro *
K&M 100/1 music stand
With convenient screws
31,50 Euro 25,95 Euro *
K&M 100/5 Music stand
collapsible, double extendable
32,95 Euro *
K&M 100/65 music stand
52,50 Euro 46,95 Euro *
K&M XTRA High music stand
black, extra high extensible up to 150 cm
46,50 Euro 38,95 Euro *
K&M 107 music stand
extra stable, black
73,50 Euro 59,95 Euro *
K&M Extension music stand
expandable sheet music desk, only 1,75 kg
49,95 Euro *
K&M Magnetic holder with pencil
incl. pencil with eraser
3,95 Euro *
K&M sheet music holder
safe support for sheet music, transparent wind screen
9,95 Euro *
K&M Smartphone holder
for smartphones or MP3 players, easy to clamp at music stand
29,95 Euro *
K&M Stand bag
For K&M 101
6,95 Euro *
K&M Stand bag
For K&M 100/1, 100/65
8,95 Euro *
K&M Stand bag
For K&M 107
13,95 Euro *
PACATO Power magnet SET
for fixing sheet music, 2 pcs
4,95 Euro *
PACATO Power magnet
for fixing sheet music
2,75 Euro *
Pencil Set
Staedtler Noris pencil B (soft) with slip-on eraser and PACATO penclip
4,40 Euro 3,95 Euro *
PACATO Penclip deluxe
The perfect magnetic pen clip, small size
3,95 Euro *
Lead 2B soft, with eraser
0,75 Euro *
K&M Tablet PC holder
Universal Tablet Holder for different models
49,95 Euro *
Magic Music Board XL
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 6 x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 35 x 100 cm
19,95 Euro *
Magic Music Board M
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 4 x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 35 x 84 cm
17,95 Euro *
Magic Music Board L
Practical sheet music holder for the presentation of up to 4x A4 sheet pages simultaneously, 42 x 84 cm
18,95 Euro *

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Table music stand

The Perlman table music stand has a top design, is foldable and made of highest quality. The surface is black anodized. For the sheet music there is are spring clips.

Stand bag

There is for each of the models of K&M also an extra stand bag at Paganino. At the models by Pacato mostly a transport bag is already included in the delivery.

Folding music stands XL

Folding stands for sheet music are not just only small music stands. If required these music stands are also available in XL version. The K&M 102 XL music stand is extendable three times up to heights between 65 and 154 cm. the Pacato color XL music stand is extendable up to a height of 150 cm, the Pacato blacky XL music stand reaches a height up to 52 cm.

Folding music stands Ultralight

When travelling, musicians always take their most important equipment with them: stringed instrument, bow, strings, shoulder rest and chin rest. Of course there must not be missing a music stand. In order to not become a burden, its weight is crucial. Especially light music stands are made of aluminium. The Pacato Ultralight music stand weighs only 700g. The K&M Ultralight music stand even weighs only 600g. With 630g the Yamaha music stand Ultralight is also very light.

Folding music stands in different colors

Sheet music is mostly black and white but therefore the music stands may be colored. The PACATO color music stand is offered in red or blue. For those who still like it more simple there is the PACATO blacky music stand in classy black as well as the K&M 100/65 music stand or the Yamaha music stand ultralight. Of course there are also music stands in the classical nickel-plated version like the K&M 101 music stand.

Which foldable music stands are there?

The music stand is also, next to violin, the bow, the strings, the chin rest and the shoulder rest, an important element of the basic equipment of every musician. If you are travelling a lot, foldable music stands are very useful there. Foldable music stands are very light and can be set up and folded down quickly. The music stands are mostly made of metal. Many foldable music stands are offered in different colors like the PACATO Color music stand in blue or red. There are music stands which are extra high like the Pacato blacky XL music stand. The K&M Ultralight music stand is with 600g especially light. But there are also folding table music stands.