Double Bass Bags at Paganino

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Bass cases made of fiber glass

The PACATO Professionell double bass case is an outstanding bass case with an hard-top shell made of fiber glass. It can be transported easily because of the roller blade wheels. The Jacob Winter Classic bass case is also very high in demand. It is available for 3/4 and the 4/4 sizes of the double bass. 

The most popular bass bags

The bass bag was made for optimal protection of the double bass. The PACATO Torino bass bag is very inexpensive but still qualitative. The bass bow and accessories like bass strings and rosin can be stored inside. The Jacob Winter Master bass bag or the PACATO De Luxe bass bag and the Gewa Prestige bass bag are also high in demand.

Bass bags or bass cases?

The bass bag offers good protection at low weight. Especially inexpensive is the PACATO Classic bass bag as well as the Jakob Winter Master bass bag. The Soundwear Performer bass bag especially offers comfort. If the double bass is going on journeys, a double bass case is especially solid. Der PACATO Professionell bass-case is made of high quality glass fiber strengthened synthetic material.

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