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Level 3 ROLLY Gig-Bag for double bass by GEWA
25 mm tricot inner padding, reinforced bow pocket and integrated castors
326,00 Euro 299,00 Euro *
available shortly
PACATO Protect bass bag
15 mm padding with silk interior
79,00 Euro *
in stock
PETZ Trolley double bass bag
25mm foam padding, with trolley (removable)
449,00 Euro *
available shortly
Level 1 Gig-Bag for double bass by GEWA
25 mm tricot inner padding, two castors for easy transport
239,00 Euro *
available shortly
Level 2 Gig-Bag for double bass by GEWA
10 mm tricot inner padding, various sizes
221,00 Euro 199,00 Euro *
available shortly
Level 3 Gig-Bag for double bass by GEWA
25 mm tricot inner padding, reinforced bow pocket
284,00 Euro 269,00 Euro *
available shortly
PACATO Lotus Wheels bass bag
30 mm tricot inner padding, with removable transport wheels
562,00 Euro 349,00 Euro *
in stock
available shortly
PACATO Classic bass bag
with backpack system, 15 mm padding
169,00 Euro 89,50 Euro *
in stock
PERFORMANCE Double Bass Bag by BAM
practical softshell bass bag
519,00 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Premium bass bag
199,00 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Professional double bass bag
high quality 25 mm jersey-interior padding
355,00 Euro 249,00 Euro *
in stock
Jakob WINTER Superior double bass bag
backpack design, with 20mm inner padding
299,00 Euro *
in stock
SOUNDWEAR Performer double bass bag
1.306,50 Euro 869,00 Euro *
available shortly

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Bass bags or bass cases?

The bass bag offers good protection at low weight. Especially inexpensive is the PACATO Classic bass bag as well as the Jakob Winter Master bass bag. The Soundwear Performer bass bag especially offers comfort. If the double bass is going on journeys, a double bass case is especially solid. Der PACATO Professionell bass-case is made of high quality glass fiber strengthened synthetic material.

The most popular bass bags

The bass bag was made for optimal protection of the double bass. The PACATO Torino bass bag is very inexpensive but still qualitative. The bass bow and accessories like bass strings and rosin can be stored inside. The Jacob Winter Master bass bag or the PACATO De Luxe bass bag and the Gewa Prestige bass bag are also high in demand.