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Chinrest pads

If the normal wooden or plastic chinrest is too hard, a chinrest pad can be pulled over the chinrest. The Strad Pad chinrest pad is a skin-friendly, extremely light pad made of pure latex. It is pulled over the chin rest and washable. The chinrest pad soothes at skin irritations and is hypoallergenic. It is offered in beige and black.

Hypoallergenic chin rests

The Wittner hypoallergenic chin rest is made of high-tech plastics, which is highly suitable for violinists with allergic complaints. It is available in different sizes for different violins. There is also a Wittner hypoallergenic chin rest with a centered assembly.

Chin rests for violins

A good chin rest guarantees the safe support of the violin at the chin. Many chin rests are manufactured of high-grade wood. The Berber chin rest is available in ebony, rosewood or boxwood. Extremely inexpensive is the Dresden synthetic chin rest or the Teka synthetic chin rest. For elevated demands there is the Guarneri chin rest with gilded Hill chin rest screws. The Wolf Maestro chin rest has a pantent foot and a plate made of skin-friendly royal nappa leather.
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