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PACATO security cable
flexible steel rope, additional safety of the carrying strap at the case
2,95 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight cello case
only 3,2 kg, with Carbon design
975,00 Euro 699,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight cello case
with mounted FIEDLER carrying system + sheet music pocket
1.228,00 Euro 819,00 Euro *
AMATO Hightech backpack system
29,95 Euro *
PACATO Comodo light cello case
pressed thermo-shell
248,00 Euro 179,00 Euro *
GEWA Air CelloCase
innovative cello case, optimal for traveling, reinforced outer shell with aluminum edge, only 3.9 kg
982,00 Euro 875,00 Euro *
AIRCELL shoulder strap
universal, very soft Air Cell padding
29,95 Euro *
PACATO Protect cello bag
15 mm padding with silk interior
49,50 Euro *
PACATO De Luxe backpack system
For cello cases and cello bags
19,95 Euro *
Holder for string tube
2 pieces each with screw
0,95 Euro *
BAM Hightech Slim 2.9 cello case
extremely light only 2,9 kg, in attractive metallic-look
1.479,00 Euro *
Case tag Classic
Made of synthetic materials, 5,5 x 9,5 x 0,5 cm, available in 4 colors
1,95 Euro *
AIRCELL backpack system
for cello cases, 2 straps, very soft Air Cell padding
54,95 Euro *
PACATO Premium cello bag
15 mm tricot interior lining
119,80 Euro 89,50 Euro *
PACATO Scratch cello case
Structured, insensitive shell, 4.7 kg
520,00 Euro 379,00 Euro *
PACATO Felice cello case
Top fiberglass cello case, only 4.5 kg
399,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight PLUS cello case
only 3,5 kg, with Carbon design with velour lining
997,00 Euro 729,00 Euro *
Additional padding for the cello case, 2 sizes available, 4 pieces per set
9,95 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight PLUS cello case
with mounted FIEDLER carrying system + sheet music pocket
1.293,00 Euro 859,00 Euro *
PACATO Advantage cello case
With 30% carbon content, only 4.2 kg
469,00 Euro *
PACATO Ultralight Montagnana cello case
Carbon design, suitable for wide cellos
985,00 Euro 749,00 Euro *
for violin ans viola cases
9,95 Euro *
GEWA Idea Original Carbon 2.9 CelloCase
2.055,00 Euro 1.699,00 Euro *
PACATO Comodo light wheels cello case
specially pressed thermal core-shell, with wheels
199,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea Aramid Carbon 3.1 cello case
Professional cello case from the house of GEWA for highest demands
1.790,00 Euro 1.395,00 Euro *
BAM Classic cello case
anti-shock textured ABS shell
499,00 Euro *
PACATO Classic cello case
Fiberglass cello case with brilliant finish, 4.9 kg
349,00 Euro *
PACATO Classic cello case
Fiberglass cello case with brilliant finish, 4.9 kg, with mounted FIEDLER carrying system
499,00 Euro *
FIEDLER backpack carrying system for cello cases
with sheet msuic compartment, with mounting
289,00 Euro *
AIRCELL backpack system
Backpack system for cello, very soft Air Cell padding
182,50 Euro 129,95 Euro *
PACATO Felice Wheels cello case
top fiberglass cello case, only 4.6 kg, with wheels
399,00 Euro *
FIEDLER backpack carrying system for cello cases
With sheet music compartment, without mounting
199,00 Euro *
SENCASE Deluxe Instrument pouch
For viola, made of water-resistant Gore-Tex material
99,50 Euro *
BAM Hightech Shamrock cello case
the new generation of Hightech for cello, without wheels
749,00 Euro *
BAM New Flight cello case cover
increasing protection while traveling by plane
599,00 Euro *
GEWA Cello Case Protection Cover
Cover for GEWA cello cases
69,00 Euro *
BAM Adjustable Hightech cello case
individually adjustable for 1/2 - 4/4 cellos
1.465,00 Euro 1.125,00 Euro *
BAM Compact 3.5 Hightech cello case
The Hightech expertise made in France, only 3,5 kg
1.279,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Paris 2.9 cello case
Limited Edition Design, extremely light with only 2,9 kg
1.489,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Défense 2.9 cello case
classic shape with modern design in aluminum look
1.629,00 Euro *
PACATO Classic cello bag
dark blue with backpack system, 15 mm padding
69,00 Euro 42,50 Euro *
PACATO Milano cello bag
20 mm tricot interior lining
189,00 Euro 119,00 Euro *
PACATO Prestige cello bag
best cello bag in 2 colour combinations, 4/4- and 3/4-size
184,50 Euro 129,50 Euro *
GEWA Premium cello bag
sizes: 4/4, 7/8, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8
169,50 Euro *
BAM Performance cello bag
Practical soft shell case, 2.2 kg
265,00 Euro 198,00 Euro *
AMATO Diamond Cello Case
Matt fiberglass case with diamond cut design and insensitive surface, 4.7 kg
449,00 Euro *
BAM Hoodies case protection
Cover for BAM Hightech and Classic cello cases, water resistant
159,00 Euro *
PACATO Challenge cello bag
Cello bag in 2 striking colors, only 1.9 kg
129,00 Euro 49,50 Euro *
PACATO Travel transport bag
protection of the cello case during transport, 14 mm padding
129,50 Euro *
PROTEC Light cello bag
padding made of abrasion-resistant Nylex lining, extra water-repellent
69,50 Euro *
GEWA Idea X-Lite 3.9 cello case
profi case, only 3,9 kg
1.209,00 Euro 999,00 Euro *
BAM Classic Wheels cello case
antishock textured ABS shell and wheels
515,00 Euro *
BAM Newtech cello case
metallic shell with Bam Hightech technology, without wheels
879,00 Euro *
BAM Panther 2.9 cello case
special nano coating of the case, only 2.9 kg
1.539,00 Euro *
WUNDERKIND carbon cello case 2.9
100% high quality carbon fiber, ultra light with only about 2.9 kg, satin-finished design
1.299,00 Euro *
Additional padding for the cello case, 2 sizes available
2,95 Euro *
PACATO Passion rainprotect cello bag
10 mm padding, special water-repellent material
99,00 Euro *
Jakob WINTER Superior cello bag
15 mm foam padding, 2.4 kg
159,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea Komfort backpack system
169,00 Euro *
FIEDLER backpack carrying system for cello cases
Without sheet music compartment, without mounting
179,00 Euro *
PACATO Carbon Race cello case
made of full carbon, extremely durable, only approx. 3,2 kg
899,00 Euro *
HÖFNER Classic cello bag
robust nylon bag with 15 mm padding
119,00 Euro *
FIEDLER backpack carrying system for cello cases
Without sheet music compartment, with mounting
249,00 Euro *
HÖFNER Deluxe cello bag
sturdy nylon bag with 30 mm inner padding
159,00 Euro *
AMATO Opera cello case
Matt fiberglass case with diamond cut design, 4.4 kg
629,00 Euro 499,00 Euro *
Jaeger ROLLY cello bag
Professional Cordura bag with wheels, with 30 mm inner padding
249,00 Euro 149,00 Euro *
GEWA Idea FUTURA 4.8 cello case
817,00 Euro 699,00 Euro *
BAM Signature Stickers
Pimp up your case
19,95 Euro *
GEWA Idea Vario Plus cello case
GRP shell, suitable for oversized cellos
1.231,00 Euro 1.039,00 Euro *
BAM L'Etoile Hightech cello case
Fashion meets Hightech, handsewn real leather on the top shell
1.899,00 Euro *
BAM Hightech Flannel cello case
Hightech shell with ultra light Grey Flannel fabric cover
1.999,00 Euro *
BAM L'Opera cello case
innovation BAM Hightech series with diamond cut design, only 3.3 kg
1.799,00 Euro *

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Cello cases at Paganino

A distinction is made between cello cases and cello bags. The hard-shell cello case protects the cello and cello bow by his great strength. Very popular is the PACATO Classic cello case or the AMATO fiber Cello Case. If the cello case has to be especially light, the PACATO Ultralight cello case is a very good recommendation. A cello bag is a convenient alternative that offers good protection with minimum weight. Very popular is the PACATO Milano cello bag. Both the cello case and in the cello bag usually offer an accessory compartment in which cello strings or rosin can be stored.

The best cello bags

A very well processed and inexpensive cello bag is the PACATO Napoli cello bag. The Gewa Classic cello bag, which is available in five sizes, is also inexpensive. The PACATO Milano cello bag offers best protection and is very inexpensive for its quality. There is an extra bow case for the cello bow and an accessory compartment for the cello strings and the rosin. For professionals there is the Jaeger Professional cello bag or the Soundwear Performer Cello-Bag with special high-density padding. 

Cello Cases aus Carbon

The AMATO carbon cello case is a good choice if you search a preferably light cello case with the best protection. 100% carbon fibre allows a weight of only 3,5 kg with highest stability. The PACATO Ultralight cello case has a weight of 3,2 kg at a price of 599.- Euro. Accessories like rosin and a cello bow can be easily stored in the case.

Inexpensive cello cases

The PACATO Comodo light cello case is a flexible cello case at an unbeatably inexpensive price. A modern fiber glass case is the PACATO Ultralight cello case. The PACATO Light cello case offer a very good price-performance ratio.