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Spike anchor for double bass

Spike anchors for double bass are attached to the chair leg and have notches for the spike. The Xeros strap has a plate made of hardened synthetic material for the spike. The strap is very robust and adjustable between 40 and 80 cm. The spike anchor for cello and double bass is a leather strap with eyelets. It is attached to a chair leg with a cord.

Endpins for double bass

Endpins are universal rubbers which are attached on the spike of the double bass. At the Wolf endpin there is also a screw with which you can fasten the endpin at the spike additionally.

Endpins for double bass

The endpin for double bass prevents the slipping of the spike. Moreover, the endpin avoids that the spike leaves holes in the ground. Endpins are simply slipped over the spike or you can place a rubber disc on the floor whose spike holes will take in the spike. A spike anchor is a leather strap with loops, which can be attached to the chair leg.

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