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Synthetic violin strings by Thomastik

The advantages of synthetic strings are their markedly humidity- and temperature adaptability. Furthermore they have a long lifespan. Thomastik offers a wide selection from the Thomastik Dominant with its soft and bright sound, over the Infeld red (dark sound) and Infeld blue (brilliant sound) to the Peter Infeld strings with their powerful sound at quick response.

Thomastik steel strings for violin

As steel strings have a long lifespan and great sound stability, they are hold in high regards especially by students. The production of violin strings with steel core has declined with the synthetic strings. But there are still the inexpensive and very solid Thomastik Spirocore steel strings for violin.

Diversity and quality of Thomastik violin strings

The quality of Thomastik strings is appreciated globally. Whether professors and students of music schools or professional string players, everywhere the violin strings by Thmoastik are highly esteemed. The diversity reaches from inexpensive Dominant strings, over the ofeten played Infeld red or Infeld blue strings to the soloist Peter Infeld strings, at which the E-string has a platinum covering as a world’s first.

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