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Original TOURTE round mute
for double bass, rubber
9,95 Euro *
in stock
ULTRA mute
for Double bass, rubber, for 4-string instruments
9,95 Euro *
in stock
Mute Tourte-Form round
for Double bass, rubber
6,95 Euro *
in stock
Ebony mute
for double bass, for 4-string instruments
21,95 Euro *
in stock
Ebony Mute
for Double bass, for 5-string instruments
29,95 Euro *
in stock
WMutes Concert mute
double bass concert mute, specially designed to produce a high quality muted sound for your instrument
from 84,50 Euro *
available shortly
for double bass, conductor-mute, remains on the instrument
14,95 Euro *
in stock
AlterBows LEATHER mute double bass
Leather mute for double bass, for mounting on the bridge
69,95 Euro *
in stock

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Mutes for double bass

The mute dims the volume of the double bass down. Thereby nasal sound nuances come along. So the double bass bow can strike the strings strongly, the sound of the double bass strings remains quiet. There are mutes for double bass made of wood or rubber. The Tourte round mute for double bass is made of rubber as well as the Ultra 4-strings mute for double bass. Besides, there is the ebony mute for double bass.

How to use a mute?

The Tourte round mute for double bass is mounted between the middle strings. If required it is slid up on the bridge. The Ultra 4-strings mute for double bass or the Ebony mute for double bass are simply put onto the bridge.