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Synthetic strings for viola

The powerful sound volume and the easy response endear the synthetic strings also to professional musicians. The Larsen viola strings are a tonal pleasure. The carbon fiber strings by Corelli Alliance have a very good tuning stability. There are novel Peek-synthetic strings by D´Addario Zyex. They are insensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations. 

Steel strings for viola

The long lifespan and sound quality of steel strings aren't only appreciated by students. The D´Addario Helicore strings for viola have a clear and modulationable sound. Jargar offers very soft sounding steel Saiten.

Gut strings for viola

The unmistakable warm and soft sound of the gut string is still appreciated nowadays. The Damian Dlugolecki gut strings for viola offer highest quality for music instruments of baroque, classic and the renaissance. Music students and orchestra players appreciate those gut strings by Dlugolecki. The Liebenzeller rosin Gold III is very well suitable for those strings.

Viola strings

Viola strings often stand out due to their long lifespan. D’Addario Helicore are highly demanded viola strings. Popular are also the soft sounding steel strings by Jargar as well as the Larsen viola strings. The Corelli Crystal strings have a highly qualified artificial silk core. There are excellent gut strings by Damian Dlugolecki.


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