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Shoulder rest by other brands

Ideal sound freedom provides the Pirastro Korfker Combination, at which the violin is kept free floating. One by students frequently used shoulder rest is the velvet-covered Resonans shoulder rest with a padded bridg and foldable feet. Dignified quality is offered by the Augustin shoulder rests, which are made of finest wood, e.g. as the Augustin Diamond shoulder rest. The Bonmusica shoulderrest is characterized by its flexible design and its ergonomic shape which adapts to each shoulder.

The shoulder rests by Wolf

The Wolf shoulder rests are available with a straight shape as Wolf Forte Primo shoulder rest or in an elegant curved shape as Wolf Forte Secondo shoulder rest. But there is also a shoulder rest for left-handers. At the Wolf Super Flexible shoulder rest the feet can be folded.



The Kun shoulder rests

The Kun Standard shoulder rest is available in every size. For the size 1/4 and 1/8 there are the Kun Mini shoulder rests in four different colours. At the Kun Collapsible shoulder rest the feet can be fold if required. For elevated demands there is the Kun Bravo shoulder rest made of ebony with golden metal pieces. Especially attractive are the master – shoulder rests Kun Artist Provence shoulder rest and the Kun Artist Salzburg shoulder rest with their appealing colored design.

The shoulder rest – different types

The shoulder rest serves as safe connection between the violin and the shoulder. Most shoulder rests are clipped on the violin with two feet and adjustable in height and width, like the Kun Standard shoulder rest or the Wolf Super Flexible shoulder rest. The violin is hold freely by the Libero de Luxe shoulder rest. It is attached to the chin rest. But there are also inflatable cushions like the Playonair Standard shoulder cushions.


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