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Evah Pirazzi GOLD violin strings

With the new Evah Pirazzi GOLDviolin strings Pirastro enters a new sound quality of synthetic strings. Characteristics of Evah Pirazzi GOLD violin strings are a brilliant, noble-Italian and gold colored sound. You experience a suggestive power of sound, the strings have exceptional pedal like swinging properties and are very well in tune with extremely short break in period. Finest differentiation in quiet sound range and at play on the fingerboard, a higher bow tension is transformed into powerful sound volume.

Synthetic violin strings by Pirastro

Pirastro has made big progress with the development of synthetic strings for string players. Next to the violin strings Pirastro Violino and Pirastro Tonica, suitable for students, there are the inexpensive Pirastro Aricore violin strings, the all-round string Wondertone Solo and of course the brilliant Evah Pirazzi violin string and Pirastro Obligato violin stringthat have a softer sound range.

Pirastro steel strings for violin

The long lifespan and the sound stability of steel strings are especially appreciated at strings for students. Synthetic strings have forced back the production of violin strings with steel core in the last years. There are still the solid and inexpensive Pirastro Chromcor and Pirastro Piranito violin strings.

Pirastro gut strings for violin

The complex manufacturing of gut strings for violin has a long tradition at Pirastro. The well-established Pirastro Chorda and Pirastro Gold violin strings as well as the wonderful gutstrings Pirastro Oliv and Pirastro Eudoxa were joined by the modern Pirastro Passione violin string, which is also availalbe in the version Passione Solo.

The great diversity of Pirastro violin strings

Pirastro strings are appreciated globally for their quality standard. Pirastro violin strings are equally popular with music schools, music students and professional string players. So for every price class there are suitable violin strings from the reasonable Tonica or Piranito strings, over the top seller Evah Pirazzi and Obligato to the acknowledged soloist strings Pirastro Passione.

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