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DAMPIT humidifier for violoncello
31,30 Euro 24,95 Euro *
in stock
HUMITRON humidifier
12,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO Portable Thermo-hygrometer
can be opened/closed, only 29 g
14,95 Euro *
in stock
STRETTO hygro/thermometer
very precise hygrometer and thermometer
38,50 Euro 29,95 Euro *
in stock
PACATO 'Moxx' Digital Thermo-hygrometer
battery included, with Max-Min-function
19,95 Euro *
in stock
STRETTO 4 substitution bags
for the STRETTO humidifier cello
13,95 Euro *
in stock
STRETTO humidifier
23,95 Euro *
in stock
OASIS Case Humidifier
for cello cases
32,95 Euro *
in stock
BOVEDA Humidification System for cello or bass
2-way humidity control technology, for cello and double bass
39,95 Euro *
in stock
GROVER Humidifier for cello
protects instruments from cracks and damage
17,95 Euro *
in stock
HUMISTAT Humidifier for cello and bass
Simple to use, yet highly effective and reliable, no leaking
39,95 Euro *
in stock

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How to use the humidifier?

At the Dampit humidifier for cello the tube is filled with water and inserted through the sound hole. A humidity indicator is included at the delivery. The Planet Waves humidifier is an air humidifier which is just put in the instrument case, e.g. in the cello case. The humidifier gives humidity in a very slow and steady manner.

Humidifier for cello

During the storage of a cello, the low humidity and cold period of the winter can be bridged quite well with the aid of a humidifier. The right humidity is maintained in the air, so that it prevents the instrument from cracking. The humidifier is filled with water by submerging it.