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PACATO cello stool
3 heights, from 41,8 - 46 cm
39,95 Euro *
PACATO Deluxe cello chair
height adjustable, height 47 - 55 cm
97,50 Euro *
PACATO cello stool XL
3 heights, from 51 - 66 cm
49,95 Euro *
Musician's Chair VIVO
height adjustable from 40 - 52 cm, Very comfortable
292,50 Euro 229,50 Euro *
Musician's Chair VIVO XL
height adjustable from 53 - 65 cm, very comfortable
279,50 Euro *
Musician's Chair VIVO Mini
height adjustable from 32 - 37 cm, very comfortable
99,50 Euro *
Musicians seat cushion
Promotes upright sitting and prevents back pain
139,00 Euro *
OktaviaChair for Musicians
adjustable musicians chair for children, ensures an ergonomically correct sitting- and playing position
349,00 Euro 299,00 Euro *
K&M Professional cello stool
12 heights. 48 - 68 cm
89,95 Euro *
K&M Uplift cello stool
height 45-61 cm, height adjustable by built-in pneumatic springs
269,00 Euro *

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Which cello stool is well suitable?

For the posture while playing the cello the VIVO musician's chair is an optimal support. The cello chair is made of a solid steel frame, has a seat cushion which is adjustable in six levels and height adjustable feet for a perfectly ergonomic posture. It features excellent stability and offers leg freedom for a free playing experience.

Cello stool

The cello stool serves for the correct posture while playing the cello. Therefore it has to be of very robust construction and it must offer optimal free space for the legs. The height adjustment is also important. In this way the cello stool supports the cellist: the back is straight, the cello can be held safely and a free playing experience arises.