Large selection of accessories for violins, violas, cellos, and double bass. Order everything from shoulder rest, to chin rest or even bow resin - just a few clicks away at Paganino!

Tuner for stringed instruments

In support of the exact tuning by ear commonly a good tuner is used. Some conductors attach importance that the string instrument is tuned to a certain Hz-number. Tuners may render them good services. There are pure tuners or combined devices which are tuner and metronome at the same time.

Music stands for orchestra and for folding

Music stands are offered in two versions: for folding and the orchestral version. The most popular foldable music stand is the PACATO blacky. The PACATO Ultralight music stand is made of aluminium and therefore very light. Orchestral music stands mostly stay set up. Often bought is the PACATO Orchestra music stand, but also wooden music stands are popular. Very important is also a good music stand light.

Which chin rest is required for?

Every violinist needs a individually adjusted chin rest which can be found through trying out. For this there are many models to choose for the violin: Wittner chin rest, Flesch chin rest, Guarneri chin rest, Teka chin rest, Berber chin rest and many more. Furthermore, there is the Strad Pad, a chin rest pad.

Good rosin for the violin bow

When buying rosin, it’s important to pay attention to the type of rosin. If you have Pirastro strings on your violin, Pirastro rosin would be recommendable. The Thomastik Dominant is also good rosin for the violin bow. Especially popular is the light Bernardel rosin, but also the high quality Amato colophony.

The right shoulder support for the violin

The Kun shoulder rest (Kun Standard, Kun Super, Kun Collapsible and Kun Bravo) is adjustable in the hight, as well as the Wolf shoulder rest (Wolf Forte Primo and Wolf Forte Secondo). The Bonmusica shoulder support has a flexible and adaptable construction. Popular are also the shoulder cushions (Playonair) which are adjustable individually.
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