Line Grid
For violin, viola, cello
11,95 Euro *
KUN footrest NEW
New footrest, screw lengths: 1.5 cm, 2.2 cm or 3.5 cm
10,95 Euro *
STRAD PAD chin rest pad
small, in beige or black
24,95 Euro *
Bow Hold Buddy grip-aid
bow grip-aid for violin/viola by Things4Strings
34,50 Euro 29,95 Euro *
BECH Magnetic mute
for violin/viola, features built-in magnet and metal clip
9,95 Euro *
PACATO bow corrector
for violin, for learning of a proper bow movement
14,95 Euro *
PACATO Notes cleaning cloth
»Musik ist Dein Leben«, made of microfibre, 27 x 27 cm
3,95 Euro *
WOLF rubber tips
1 piece, suitable for WOLF rests
0,75 Euro *
KAPLAN Premium rosin
for violin, viola, cello
14,50 Euro 10,95 Euro *
PACATO Polishing cloth
for cleaning and polishing, 100% cotton
2,95 Euro *
STRAD PAD chin rest pad
large, made of pure latex
28,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning set
PACATO clean + polish, stringcleaner and microfiber cloth
15,95 Euro *
Original TOURTE violin shaped mute
for violin and viola, rubber
3,95 Euro *
KAPLAN rosin
for violin, viola, cello
9,75 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipe
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
1,75 Euro *
PIRASTRO Oliv/Evah Pirazzi rosin
for violin, viola, cello, bass, optimized for Pirastro Oliv and Evah Pirazzi strings
13,95 Euro *
ALPINE MUTE Professional
for violin/viola, with brass insert for the warmest professional sound
23,95 Euro *
abc Arm-Bow-Corrector
for violin/viola, easily improve your bowing skills on string-instruments, for beginners and advanced players
29,95 Euro *
LUTHIER PROFI Cleaner and Polisher
16,50 Euro 11,95 Euro *
Chin rest key
tool for the adjustment of the clamps
3,95 Euro *
PAGANINO cleaner set
Viol polisher, Bellacura cloth, Royal Oak string cleaner
26,85 Euro 21,95 Euro *
VIOL Cleaner and Polisher
12,60 Euro 9,35 Euro *
BELVELIN shoulder pad
Firm and flexible support, maximum comfort, 3 sizes available
16,95 Euro *
W. SALCHOW rosin
for violin, viola, cello
16,95 Euro *
AROMA finger trainer
precisely trains strength and dexterity of the individual fingers and the hands
9,95 Euro *
PETZ Cleaning Cloth
Made of microfibre, especially suitable for string instruments
3,95 Euro *
Mute Tourte-Form round
for viola, rubber
2,95 Euro *
XEROS Shoulder cushion
finest neoprene rubber with micro-suction mounting
13,95 Euro *
JADE from L´Opéra rosin
for violin, viola, cello
14,95 Euro *
Notes – The Musician's Choice
Bärenreiter-Notizbuch, 32 Seiten, 14,8 x 10,5 cm / Bärenreiter Musikverlag BA08100
0,75 Euro *
PACATO string cleaner
for steel and synthetic strings, 20 ml
6,95 Euro *
TONWOLF Deluxe mute
for violin and viola, metal chrome-plated
15,95 Euro *
Virtuoso Wrist Practice Aid
Wrist support for beginners, suitable for adults and children
22,95 Euro *
ACOUSTA Soloist shoulder pad
with micro grip technology, 3-layer foam
27,95 Euro *
HANDMASTER Plus hand trainer
Your all-in-one hand excecise solution
21,95 Euro *
HUMITRON humidifier
for violin/viola
11,95 Euro *
BAM Original Cleaning Cloth
high quality microfibers enhanced with Silver Nano technology
14,95 Euro *
Mute Tourte-violin shaped
for Violin/Viola, Rubber
2,95 Euro *
EFEL New Artist shoulder rest
For viola, height and inclination adjustable, with extended foam rubber pad
34,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO Evah Pirazzi GOLD rosin
for violin, viola, cello, optimized for Evah Pirazzi GOLD violin strings
28,50 Euro 23,95 Euro *
PACATO cleaning cloth Deluxe
microfiber, suitable for stringed instruments and piano
5,95 Euro *
for violin, viola and cello
3,95 Euro *
AMATO Gold rosin
optimized for synthetic strings
14,95 Euro *
PACATO clean + polish
cleaner and polisher, 20 ml
6,95 Euro *
SAS Symphony chin rest
Ebony, suitable for all violin-/viola sizes, gold plated metal part
44,95 Euro *
20 mm diameter
9,95 Euro *
BELLACURA polishing cloth
35cm X 35cm, high quality cotton
4,95 Euro *
Wolf tone suppressor
nickel-plated, for violin and viola
5,95 Euro *
GEIPEL Golden Basic rosin
for violin, viola, cello
6,95 Euro *
LAPELLA No.31 Sensitive cleaning wipes
For sensitive cleaning and care of fingerboard and strings of classic string instruments
13,90 Euro 9,75 Euro *
CelloPhant grip-aid
bow grip-aid for cello by Things4Strings
34,50 Euro 29,95 Euro *
DAMPIT humidifier
26,50 Euro 19,95 Euro *
ULTRA mute
for viola, rubber, strong muting effect
6,95 Euro *
Mark! Set! Go! Fingerboard Tapes
economical solution to easily mark finger positions, includes thumb fuzzy for correct positioning, for violin/viola of any size
4,95 Euro *
ACOUSTA Concert Master shoulder pad
with micro-grip technology, sticks to the instrument without adhesive
24,95 Euro *
ZARET Contour shoulder pad
for violin/viola, easily attaches with a rubber band, 3 sizes available
8,95 Euro *
Original HILL peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
12,40 Euro 9,95 Euro *
BONMUSICA shoulder rest
viola, ergonomic shape, various sizes
60,50 Euro 52,95 Euro *
WITTNER antiallergenic chin rest
29,40 Euro 23,95 Euro *
HILL rosin
for violin, viola, cello
13,95 Euro *
LAPELLA Intense Fingerboard Recovery Oil
15 ml + 2 LAPELLA hightech microfibre-cloths
18,60 Euro 14,95 Euro *
Planet Waves microfiber cloth
for the removal of water-soluble and greasy dirt without cleaning agents
14,50 Euro 9,95 Euro *
Bow Hold Fish grip-aid
bow grip-aid for violin/viola by Things4Strings
26,50 Euro 22,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO Protect finger protection
calms and nourishes stressed skin, 18 g
11,95 Euro *
PLAYONAIR Standard shoulder cushion
44,50 Euro 26,95 Euro *
KUN foot rubber set
4 pcs. original KUN foot rubbers for the "old" feet
3,95 Euro *
Chin rest screw
different sizes
7,95 Euro *
KUN Bravo shoulder rest
viola, exotic wood, with gold metal parts
117,50 Euro 89,95 Euro *
ARTINO Practice mute
for violin/viola
7,95 Euro *
EFEL New Ergo Plus shoulder rest
For viola, height and inclination adjustable, with extended foam rubber pad
32,95 Euro *
for violin, viola, cello
9,75 Euro *
PACATO microfiber cloth
made of microfiber
5,95 Euro *
PACATO Bow-Right bow corrector
for violin, for learning the correct bowing
24,95 Euro *
Wolf tone suppressor
brass, for violin and viola
7,95 Euro *
WOLF foot rubber set
4 pcs, suitable for WOLF shoulder rests
3,00 Euro 2,50 Euro *
WOLF Forte Secondo shoulder rest
36,50 Euro 29,95 Euro *
D´ADDARIO Natural rosin
for violin, viola, cello
4,95 Euro *
GEIPEL Kuenstlerlob rosin
for violin / viola, in plastic case
4,95 Euro *
for viola, height and inclination andjustable, centered, hypoallergenic
34,20 Euro 27,95 Euro *
for violin, viola, cello
19,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO peg soap
Peg soap to make the pegs smoother
11,95 Euro *
PACATO Music Board
Sheet music support for all music stands
7,95 Euro *
PACATO Sound Post Setter
for Violin / Viola, handforged
17,95 Euro *
DRESDEN chin rest
synthetic, sizes: 4/4 - 1/4
6,95 Euro *
WITTNER Fine tuner black/gold
4,95 Euro *
PIRASTRO Ultimate shoulder rest
for viola, extremely light, free development of the instrument sound, individually bendable tonewood
372,00 Euro 299,00 Euro *
KOLSTEIN SET Cleaner and Polisher
120 ml, 1 bottle Cleaner and Polisher each, including 2 cleaning and polishing cloths
42,95 Euro *
Bogaro & Clemente PAGANINI rosin
genuine oval wood can, for violin / viola
24,95 Euro *
VAAGUN chinrest cover
microfiber, square shape, washable
25,95 Euro *
WOLF Dolce Maestro chin rest
fits violins sizes 4/4 - 1/4 and viola
52,60 Euro 39,95 Euro *
for viola/cello, metal rosin after original Liebenzeller formula
26,95 Euro *
XEROS shoulder cushion TALL
finest neoprene rubber with micro-suction mounting
14,95 Euro *

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More accessories for viola

At Paganino there are mutes and string adjusters at inexpensive prices. To maintain the viola you need the Pacato cleaning set. On the viola stand you can put down the viola. For the sheet music there are beautiful music bags. And if you`re cold, you need hand warmers.

Chin rest and tailpiece for viola

At Paganino chin rests and tailpieces can be bought at inexpensive prices. The Paganino Standard tailpiece or the Wittner Ultra tailpiece is often bought. For all people suffering from an allergy there is the Wittner antiallergic chin rest viola. Chin rests for viola are the Berber Viola or the Flesch viola chin rest.

Rosin for viola

The sound of a stringed instrument can be vrought to perfection with rosin. The viola bow is treated with it so the viola strings get the necessary grip of the bow hair. The Kaplan Premium rosin or the Bernardel rosin is very popular. Rosin of the absolute top class is Liebenzeller rosin. The Lieberzeller rosin is available as Liebenzeller rosin Gold II or Gold III.

Shoulder rests for viola

In order to avoid the slipping of the viola from the shoulder, you need a shoulder rest. The Kun shoulder rests (Standard, Super, Collapsible and Bravo) for viola are very popular. High in demand are also the Wolf shoulder rests (Primo, Secondo and Super Flexible). The Bonmusica shoulder rest ist very flexible and adaptable.

Accessories for viola

To play the stringed instrument viola, you don’t only need viola strings, but also suitable rosin for the viola bow. For a strong holding of the viola a shoulder- and chinrest are required. Tailpieces, chinrests and pegs are also available as a set. To tune the viola strings exactly you need a string adjuster. If you want to quiet the sound of the strings down a mute can be applied.

Accessories for viola at Paganino

At Paganino a wide range of accessories for viola is availalbe: shoulder rests, chin rests, rosin, mutes, tailpieces, fine tuners, bridges, humidifiers, pick-ups, viola stands, pegs, metronomes, tuners, music stands, stand lights.