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More accessories for viola

At Paganino there are mutes and string adjusters at inexpensive prices. To maintain the viola you need the Pacato cleaning set. On the viola stand you can put down the viola. For the sheet music there are beautiful music bags. And if you`re cold, you need hand warmers.

Chin rest and tailpiece for viola

At Paganino chin rests and tailpieces can be bought at inexpensive prices. The Paganino Standard tailpiece or the Wittner Ultra tailpiece is often bought. For all people suffering from an allergy there is the Wittner antiallergic chin rest viola. Chin rests for viola are the Berber Viola or the Flesch viola chin rest.

Rosin for viola

The sound of a stringed instrument can be vrought to perfection with rosin. The viola bow is treated with it so the viola strings get the necessary grip of the bow hair. The Kaplan Premium rosin or the Bernardel rosin is very popular. Rosin of the absolute top class is Liebenzeller rosin. The Lieberzeller rosin is available as Liebenzeller rosin Gold II or Gold III.

Shoulder rests for viola

In order to avoid the slipping of the viola from the shoulder, you need a shoulder rest. The Kun shoulder rests (Standard, Super, Collapsible and Bravo) for viola are very popular. High in demand are also the Wolf shoulder rests (Primo, Secondo and Super Flexible). The Bonmusica shoulder rest ist very flexible and adaptable.

Accessories for viola

To play the stringed instrument viola, you don’t only need viola strings, but also suitable rosin for the viola bow. For a strong holding of the viola a shoulder- and chinrest are required. Tailpieces, chinrests and pegs are also available as a set. To tune the viola strings exactly you need a string adjuster. If you want to quiet the sound of the strings down a mute can be applied.
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