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WITTNER Fine tuner black/gold
9,95 Euro *
in stock
Fine tuner Fix black
for steel strings
6,95 Euro *
in stock
WITTNER Fine tuner black
For steel strings, cello
9,95 Euro *
available shortly
Fine tuner Fix gold
for cello, steel strings
12,95 Euro *
available shortly
AMATO Nobile string adjuster screw
inlaid black head string adjuster for cello with decorative gem
9,95 Euro *
in stock

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Fix fine tuner for cello

Fix fine tuners are available in black or nickel-plated. They can be attached to the tailpiece. With the Fix fine tuner cellos can be tuned easily and the strings sound perfect at each concert.

String adjuster for cello

At the stringed instruments, strings are spanned between the tailpiece and the pegs. Up to four fine tuners can be attached to the tailpiece. So the cellist can tune his cello easier with the aid of a fine tuner.