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Combined devices tuner and metronome

Tuner and metronome are combined in those devices. The combined device PACATO Flowers Metro Tuner has a flower look and a large display. A successful fusion of tuner and metronome is the Korg TM-50 multifunction device.

3 in 1: tuner, metronome, and tone generator

In the premium class of multifunction devices metronomes, tuners and tone-generators are combined in one device. The Fzone Metro-Tuner combi is especially inexpensive.

Electronic pickup

At the FZONE pickup violin the pickup is simply clipped on.

Tuning fork

Tuning forks are offered in two different versions: tuning fork with 440 Hz or tuning fork with 443 Hz. Both are operated in the classic manner. You slightly hit it and then hold the tuning fork next to your ear or to the stringed instrument.

Digital tuners

The FZONE Clip-Tuner kids has been developed for children. It’s a digital, small tuner with a chromatic tuning from C to H and a A-tuning of 440 Hz. It is available in 4 colors. For students and professionals there is the FZONE Tuner. The inexpensive tuner offers a tuning range from A0 to A6. The Pacato Tuner flowers has a flower look and is a n in expensive tuner. The Korg CA 40 tuner is ideal for the tuning of orchestra instruments. The Korg OT – 120 tuner is also a tuner of the top class.

Which tuners are there?

The A and O of making music is a correctly tuned stringed instrument! In order to adjust the right tones at a violin for example you need a tuner. The simplest of all tuners is still the good old tuning fork. These days there is also a substantial offer of digital tuners like the Fzone Tuner or the Pacato Tuner flowers, both chromatic tuners. Multifunctional devices combine metronome and tuner, like the Pacato Metro-Tuner flowers or the Fzone Metro-Tuner combi. Some devices even combine three functions: metronome, tuner and tone generator.

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