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Cello strings at Paganino

Paganino offers a wide range of cello strings. The most used are Larsen cello strings and Thomastik Spirocore cello strings. By Pirastro, the Evah Pirazzi cello strings and Passione are highly in demand. Jargar cello strings are equally on offer like the Thomastik Belcanto and Dominant, D´Addario, Prim, Piatti, Corelli, Kaplan and Dlugolecki.

Steel strings for cello

Classical qualities of steel strings are their adaptability to humidity and temperature and their long lifespan. Inexpensive strings are Corelli steel cello strings. Other good steel strings are D´Addario Helicore, Jargar cello strings or Larsen cello. There are also Pirastro Chromchor cello stringsin small sizes. The Pirastro Permanent cello strings are also frequently demanded, as well as the Thomastik Spirocore cello and Thomastik Belcanto for cello.

Synthetic strings for violoncello

The brilliant and at the same time warm sound of synthetic strings is characterized by powerful tonal sound volume and easy response. Pirastro Obligato cello are very demanded as well as the modern power-strings Evah Pirazzi cello. They also enjoy great popularity with professional musicians.

Gut strings for cello

The sound of gut strings is soft, warm and modulationable. A classic gut string for cello ist the Pirastro Chorda cello. The Damian Dlugolecki cello gut strings have a good reputation worldwide due to their excellent quality and are often used by orchestra musicians, even when they’re playing old instruments. There are also covered gut strings, like Pirastro Eudoxa cello, Pirastro Passione cello or Pirastro Oliv cello.

Popular cello strings

Cello strings, played very often are Larsen cello strings, Thomastik Spirocore cello, Pirastro Evah Pirazzi cello, Jargar cello strings and Prim cello strings. Most of these strings steel strings, characterized by a long lifespan and a sonorous, warm and modulationable sound. The power-strings Evah Pirazzi cello by Pirastro have a core made of synthetic fiber and convince through their versatility and tone colour.