Pirastro Violoncellosaiten bei Paganino

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Synthetic strings for cello by Pirastro

The core material of Pirastro stringsEvah Pirazzi cello and Obligato cello is a synthetic multifilament. They are power strings of the new generation, which are also liked to be used by professionals and orchestra musicians.

Steel strings for cello by Pirastro

The variety of cello strings by Pirastro is especially distinctive at the steel core strings. Pirastro Chromcor cello and Pirastro Flexocor cello are very good steel strings. The Pirastro Permanent cello strings are also in high demand. The Pirastro Piranito Cello cello are very inexpensive steel strings.

Gut strings for cello by Pirastro

The Pirastro Chorda cello strings are pure gut strings for cello, which are liked to be used for baroque instruments. Covered gut strings by Pirastro fulfill the today’s sound expectations like the Pirastro Eudoxa cello or Pirastro Passione cello strings. The Pirastro Oliv cello is the optimum in the area of gut strings for violoncello. 

Cello strings by Pirastro

Pirastro cello strings are appreciated worldwide due to their high quality. With Pirastro Permanent cello strings and Pirastro Flexocor cello strings, Pirastro offers excellent steel strings for violoncello. The Pirastro Chorda cello strings are classical gut strings for cello. The synthetic strings Pirastro Evah Pirazzi cello und Pirastro Obligato also fully meet the highest requirements.


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