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PACATO Standard tailpiece
for cello, light metal
23,50 Euro 19,95 Euro *
in stock
WITTNER Ultra tailpiece
34,80 Euro 24,95 Euro *
in stock
WITTNER Ultra tailpiece
rosewood coloured, for cello
46,50 Euro 34,95 Euro *
in stock
Tailpiece ebony
for cello, round shape, with black bend
17,95 Euro 6,95 Euro *
in stock
Tailpiece Pusch for 4/4 cello
54,50 Euro 39,95 Euro *
available shortly
WEIDLER Akusticus tailpiece
for cello, with tailpiece hanger
37,95 Euro *
in stock
in stock
in stock
Kevlar Tailpiece hanger
for cello, 50 cm
8,95 Euro *
in stock

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String adjuster

The string adjuster serves as mounting of any tailpiece to the violoncello. The string for tailpiece adapts very flexible to button and saddle of the stringed instrument.

Tailpiece for cello

The cello strings are mounted at the tailpiece for cello and drawn up at the pegs. The Paganino Standard tailpiece, the Wittner Ultra tailpiece and the tailpiece Pusch have four integrated fine tuners. A string adjuster for tailpieces is mostly included in a delivery. The Hill tailpieces don’t have any integrated fine tuners. It is available alternatively in ebony, rosewood or box wood. The fine tuner can be bought additionally by request.