RONDO violin string SET by Thomastik-Infeld

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The RONDO violin strings were developed for the demanding violinist and meet all professional needs for high-quality strings. RONDO strings are suitable for a wide variety of requirements and players, are particularly popular with soloists and are very popular with old instruments. The RO100 set includes an A string with a synthetic core wrapped in aluminum. This offers excellent modulation and a rich spectrum of timbres.

  • E-A-D-G with ball end
  • medium tension
  • E carbon steel / tin coated (removable ball)
  • A synthetic core / aluminum wound
  • D synthetic core / silver wound
  • G synthetic core / silver wound

For those players who want to stay true to the traditional steel A string and are looking for 100% corrosion resistance and easier playability, there is a RONDO steel A string that mitigates the possibility of a sound that is too bright or shrill. (Steel A string no. 169103, SET with steel A string no. 169111)

Thomastik-Infeld recommends the Peter Infeld Rosin (item no. 501092) as a suitable rosin.

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