MAGNACORE PURE cello string SET by Larsen

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Achieve the full potential of your cello!
New on the market are now the Magnacore A and D strings, in addition to the already popular Magnacore G and C strings and complete the set in a new and perfect way.
Additionally to the set in medium LARSEN also recommends a combination with A strong or C strong, depending on the play type. Paganino offers all 3 combinations. Further variations can be composed on individual request.

  • A + D solid steel core and wound with high quality precision rolled flat wire
  • nice and bright sound
  • show excellent resonance and response in all registers, in fortissimo, pianissimo and light spiccato
  • G + C flexible spiral core made of steel, tungsten wound
  • warm, overtone-rich and very focused sound
  • big sound volume
  • rough and sharp background noises are things of the past
  • various combinations of individual strings available
  • 4/4 medium Magnacore A-D-G-C
  • 4/4 strong Magnacore A-D-G-C
  • MIX 1 Magnacore A 4/4 strong, Magnacore D-G-C 4/4 medium
  • MIX 2 Magnacore A-D-G 4/4 medium, Magnacore C 4/4 strong

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