MUSANUS 3D chin rest

item number: 504295
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The patented MUSANUS chinrest mounting for violin and viola offers a wide range of possibilities for optimal playing comfort thanks to its numerous settings: from the basic position, the chinrest can be moved sideways to the left or right, its height can be continuously adjusted and the inclination can be individually set to the right or left.

This means that the MUSANUS chinrest mounting is also suitable for musicians who need a high chinrest due to their physique. For children and young people, the height adjustability also offers a great advantage: the chinrest "grows with them".

Due to the minimised contact surfaces and their position close to the tailpiece, the vibrations of the top and back of the violin are affected as little as possible. The mounting is very light at 8 grams, which has a positive effect on the sound.


  • infinitely adjustable in height
  • particularly high settings possible
  • left and right inclination settings infinitely adjustable
  • depending on the chin rest model, it can be attached in the middle over the tailpiece (Guaneri, Flesch, Berber) or to the left of the tailpiece (Teka)
  • can be moved laterally to the left and right from the basic position
  • minimized contact surfaces so as not to impair the vibrations of the ceiling and floor
  • adaptable material protects the table and the back
  • skin-friendly
  • also suitable for violas up to a frame height including top and bottom of 44 mm

Scope of delivery: Chin rest with Musanus attachment, each with 3 screws 14 mm (2 pre-assembled), screws 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm for higher frames, 1 screwdriver, 2 Allen keys, 1 spare set screw, assembly instructions.

Note: First measure the frame height including the bottom and top. If this is 36-38 mm, the pre-assembled screw with a length of 14 mm can be used. If the frame is higher, please replace it with the screws provided, depending on the height of the frame of your instrument:

Rib height including table and back
Screw length
36-38 mm
14 mm
38-40 mm
16 mm
40-42 mm
18 mm
42-44 mm
20 mm