Thomastik Dominant strings

 Saiten Geige Bratsche Cello Thomastik Dominant

Thomastik Dominant strings

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Thomastik Dominant violin strings

Thomastik Dominant viola strings

Thomastik Dominant cello strings

The Thomastik Dominant strings have a highly flexible, multi Perlon core (with silver or aluminum wound). The Dominant strings have a a similarity to the gut strings in their sonic character, without suffering from their nature according disadvantages. The sound of the Thomastik Dominant string is soft, round, clear and rich in overtones, and additionally vibrant and radiant. You can easily touch and play, also excellently maintains tuning. To always have the same beautiful tone, it is advisable to change the strings on time.

Thomastik Dominant strings are available for violin, viola and violoncello.

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