Viola case

The right viola case – a selection guide



The main task of the viola case or oblong viola case is the safe transport of the instrument to the rehearsals, the concerts or to the lessons. There are two main constructions of the viola cases: the shaped case and the oblong case. The former is adapted to the shape of the viola and therefore gets slightly narrower towards the neck – the latter is slightly larger and offers much space not only for the viola, but also for viola strings, accessories and viola sheet music. Some viola cases are individually adjustable and thus fit perfectly to the respective instrument.


Construction of the viola case

The viola case is ver similar to the construction of the violin case. A solid core, best as wooden construction, shapes the case itself and is responsible for the essential characteristics such as weight and stability. In order to store the viola safely and to guarantee its suspension system, the core on the inside is covered with suede or velvet and equipped with accessory compartments. On the outside, the viola case is often covered with a water-repellent fabric in which the music pocket is integrated.

In addition to variable properties such as exterior or interior color of the fabrics, the core material used for the safety of the case is crucial. In general, it can be assumed that a viola case with decreasing weight is more expensive. The classic material for the construction of viola cases is wood. It is very stable, provides a good indoor climate in the interior of the case and is still relatively light. The best cases have a plastic or thermoplastic core. The protection of the viola is adequate and the price is low. Maximum Security provides a case made of carbon or other modern materials which have been specially designed by the manufacturers. For the much larger weight and safety advantage, however, it has to be resorted deeper into your pockets.

Which viola case is the right one?

The answer to this question depends very much on the individual needs and circumstances of each violist. Basically, a light viola case is of course more comfortable than a heavy model in daily handling. You should, however, be sure to pack only the sheet music and the accessories which are actually needed, otherwise the weight advantage is quickly lost again! It should be noted in any case that violists, which have to wear their viola case often and often use public transport rather benefit from a lightweight case. The Pacato and Amato Viola Case have an excellent price-performance ratio. A case of Viola Gewa corresponds to the highest standard. Viola cases of Bam are superior in design and processing - and definitely worth the price.
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